This is a story I made involving TigerClan and a cat named Lilypaw. Feel free to edit it but make sure it stays funny.


"If you're going to kill me, go ahead! I'm not backing down, you mouse-hearted cowards!" Lilypaw yelled. "Very well, then", said Darkstripe, "I will kill you." He launched himself towards Lilypaw, claws unsheathed. Lilypaw took one step to the left and Darkstripe fell with a deafening THUD. "Not so sharp with your battle skills, are you?" Lilypaw jeered. "Maybe all this TigerClan rubbish is getting to your head - TRAITOR!" The last part was said sharply with hatred and anger. Lilypaw glared at Darkstripe. "You idiot - you fed a kit deathberries, and then you lied about it to Firestar - good StarClan, who's side are you ON?!" Darkstripe snarled and aimed for Lilypaw's belly, but Lilypaw sumersaulted and raked her claws down Darkstripe's back. "And what's all this about half-clan cats? You're trying to kill me because I'm half WindClan?" "Yes", replied Darksripe hastily. "Try again, loser!" Lilypaw said with a laugh. Darkstripe shot from the ground towards Lilypaw, but she spread her legs into a tunnel and Darkstripe slid through. Lilypaw gave a mrrow of laughter. She hopped up onto a rock and stood there. Darkstripe aimed for her head, but Lilypaw picked up the rock and held it above her. WHAM! Darkstripe crashed into the rock, chipping a fang. "I guess now I should call you halftooth!" Lilypaw laughed as Darkstripe slunk into the shadows. "She may have won this battle", Darkstripe growled, "But I will win the war.

To be continued...