Leader: Rowanstar: Ginger tom with amber eyes

Deputy: Silverclaw: Silver tom

Medicine cat: Shiverpelt; smug gray she cat


Oakfur: small brown tom

Smokefoot: Black tom

Nibblesong: Small gray she cat with green eyes; apprentice: Songpaw

Flightface: white tom; apprentice: Jetpaw

Shadewhisker: smokey black tom

Thistlewing: dark gray she-cat with dark brown patches

Tigerheart: Dark brown tabby tom with green eyes

Snideclaw: Dark brown she-cat with yellow eyes

Clawscreech: Very dark gray tom; almost black with blue eyes

Ripplethorn: small gray she-cat with hazy blue eyes

Nightwhisker: coal black she-cat with moonlike yellow eyes

Zenpelt: dark gray (almost black) tom

Nightfall: Cream colored tom with midnight black stripes


Jetpaw: pitch black tom with blue eyes

Songpaw: smoky gray she-cat with yellow eyes

Queen: (Has or expecting kits)

Shademaple: dark brown she-cat