Leader: Eaglestar: sleek ginger tom with a flame color pelt and a white belly

Deputy: Goldenwing: Dappled golden tabby tom

Medicine cat: Bluefire: Silver blue tabby she-cat; apprentice: Wirepaw


Burstflower: Bright silver she-cat with pale green eyes

Sorrelfur: Light brown she-cat with amber eyes

Flightstorm: Creamy tom with jet green eyes; apprentice: Flowerpaw

Nimblefur: small gray tabby tom with wide blue eyes

Zigzag: once rogue black she cat with darker tabby stripes

Pitpelt: sandy she cat with yellow eyes; apprentice: Greenpaw

Sorrelclaw: Silver tom with green eyes

Bluebramble: Mottled silver and brown tom

Nettleclaw: Gray she cat with pale blue eyes

Lightwing: very pale gray (almost white) she cat

Brightpelt: Shining gray tom with amber eyes

Sunbeam: Bright yellow tom

Flameheart: ginger red tabby tom with blue eyes

Dapplefall: pale gray tabby with yellow eyes


Greenpaw: pale gray tom with green eyes

Flowerpaw: Tawny she cat

Wirepaw: silver gray she-cat with yellow eyes


Pansyfur: Bracken gray she cat with yellow eyes

Appleclaw: Spotted black she-cat with green eyes and ginger flecks