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Cats outside Clans:Edit

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One will defeat the leader of darkness forever

and will die for all that there is… It is the end of the greatest battle, but the defeated dark forest warriors are determined to rise again. Dona and Tawny are trying to find out what secrets are hidden in the clan as cats threaten each clanmate. Nettleflight and maybe other traitors are training and plotting in the unforgivable territory; forbidden by StarClan. One warrior is controlled by something sinister and powerful. No one will know who to trust, if the greatest darkness has risen.

… unless they bring the world to justice.


Blood splattered the ground as a jet black tom slash his claws through the belly of a brown tom like lightning. He pinned the tom down. "That will teach you not to go in our territory!" spat The black tom. "Kill me then," snarled the brown tom. "Kill me and finish off the rest of my clan." Blood dripped from the opponent's mouth. "No. That will break the warrior code." Hissed the black tom."Ooh! Im so scared!" sneered the brown tom. The black tom hissed. "Shadowclan will come back, Jetstream!" Hissed the brown tom. "Like you will, Rowanstar." Sneered Jetstream. Rowanstar glared at Jetstream, the wriggled out of his paws. "ShadowClan, retreat!" Yowled Rowanstar. As the ShadowClan patrol retreated, Rowanstar stopped and turned to glare at Jetstream. "I mean it Jetstream," Snarled Rowanstar. "Watch your borders, because Shadowclan will return." Rowanstar turned back and ran to catch up with his clan mates.

Jetstream turned around to urge his clan mates back to the medicine cat. Suddenly, there was a shuffle near the bushes and Jetstream saw a small a small gray she-cat with hazy blue eyes. She was covered with so much of her own blood and other cats blood. This is a ShadowClan cat! He thought bitterly. "You!" snarled Jetstream. The small cat looked at him solemnly. "My name is Ripplethorn." croaked the she cat. "I need your help." "Help? I won't help you!" Hissed Jetstream. "Please." rasped Ripplethorn. "Help me." Jetstream was silent for a minute. "No." growled Jetstream. He stalked off in the darkness, leaving Ripplethorn behind. Ripplethorn said nothing. "Wait." She suddenly hissed. Jetstream stopped in the shadows and turned around, revealing only his brilliant green eyes. "I know your weakness, Jetstream." Ripplethorn mewed. "What do you know about my weakness?" Snarled Jetstream. "I know your weakness," She went on, as if she had not heard him. "I know if you lose the thing that you love so deeply, you would die in despair." Jetstream said nothing. "I will kill the cat you love if you don't help me, but, if you help me, I will spare the cat. I will spare the cat whom you love." Jetstream still didn't talk. After several moments, he spoke in a harsh, choked whisper. "What do you want?" A sly smile curled on Ripplethorn's mouth. "This is what I need help for," Mewed Ripplethorn. "Listen to me now….."

Two young cats ran across the woods. The first glanced around, and then beckoned the second cat under a yew tree. The second cat limped over to the first cat. She winced as her belly rippled with kits. "Come, Cilene." Whispered the first cat. "Your kits are coming. You should rest here." Cilene shook her head. Her collar jingled with her. "For StarClan's sake, will you rip that kittypet collar off you?" Snarled the tom. "No Lionfang." I will go back when my kits come." Argued Cilene. Lionfang looked exasperated. "I'm outside my territory because of you." He mewed. "Surely you came here from your twoleg because you wanted to join the clan!" Cilene winced and collapsed. The kits were coming. Lionfang eyes widened; he bent down and tried to massage her body. Cilene wailed as a ripple went through her body. "Hold on, keep this stick in your mouth." Gripped Lionfang. The stick chipped in half as a large ripple spain attacked and a kit slid out. Cilene screeched again as another kit slid out, almost at the same time. Lionfang was furiously licking the kits, while Cilene shattered the stick as the third kit slid out. Cilene feebly licked the kit. As Lionfang licked the second kit, he noticed she breathed feebly that got shallower and shallower. "No," Whispered Lionfang. Suddenly, her breathing became stronger and stronger to suckle her mother. The first and third kit was already suckling. "I will name the first kit Tawny." Murmured Cilene, nodding to her tawny ears. "The second kit will be named Dona, and the third… Ashkit." Lionfang widen his eyes. "What? I won't keep them?" Gasped Lionfang. Cilene shook her head. "Only Ashkit." She mewed. "Please," Whispered Lionfang. "I won't see you again. Let me have them all." Cilene looked thoughtful for a moment, and then nodded. "As long as they keep their names." She whispered. Lionfang touched noses with Cilene. "Come," He murmured. "Lets go to my clan and give away your kits to a queen."

Chapter OneEdit

The wild grass ruffled her paws, the weedy reeds perfumed her smelling senses, there was food scuffling here and there making shuffling noises, and plump, juicy prey surrounded her senses, glowing like the sun in front of her eyes. Sliding out her sharp claws, Dona crouched silently by a plump mouse and sprang. Dona gripped the mouse and with pure, easy effort, and she killed it with a swift bite. "Brilliant." Murmured Dona. "Greenleaf has come at last." Suddenly, she saw Tawny, her almost-twin sister running towards her.

"Dona!" cried Tawny. "Rogues are attacking!" Rogues? Dona thought. "Those mangy crowfood eaters!" Snarled Dona. Screeches echoed from the camp. "Lets go!" Cried Tawny. Leaving her fresh-kill in dirt, she followed Tawny towards the camp. Dona gazed at the camp in horror. Cats were fighting, hissing, snarling, and screeching. Suddenly, a black tom looked back from her clan mate Goldenstream, at Dona. "This is our territory now." sneered the tom. "No! It isn't!" Dona retorted. "Then let's see if you right. In a battle!" Snarled the tom. "My name is Shark." Dona glared at Shark. "Fine!" Hissed Dona. "No!" Yowled Tawny. "You will get hurt, Dona!" All the other cats fighting turn and stopped fighting to look at them, except for a dark brown tom who slashed Ashwing one last time. "Let me fight him." Pleaded Tawny. No. You will get hurt. Thought Dona. She shook her head. "It's okay." Mewed Dona. "I'll fight that crowfood eater."

Tawny looked worried, but she stepped back. "So, shall we begin?" sneered Shark. Before Dona was ready, Shark striked her with a furious swipe on the side. Blood spattered the floor. There were gasps and cheering from the crowd. No! I won't let that rogue crowfood eater win! She thought. When Shark striked again, she was ready. Dona ducked under as he slashed at thin air and clawed his belly. "Argh!" Snarled Shark in rage. Dona leaped from Shark's belly and swiftly chomped his leg. Blood sparkled on the tip of Shark's leg fur. Shark suddenly sliced her shoulder and sank his teeth in her neck. Dona scrambled and desperately tried to run away, but Shark clung to her and dug his claws into her fur. Shark sank his teeth deeper into Dona's neck and she felt the sharp teeth scaring her bones. Dona collapsed and panted hard. Shark stepped back. Dona leaped and clinged onto Shark's back, digging her claws in his rough skin. Shark's yellow eyes widened in surprise as Dona bit his neck and slash the front of it. Shark's eyes glazed in terror then clouded with death. She gently leaped down towards the ground as Shark's bloodstained body collapsed onto the ground. Cries and cheering erupted from the crowd of cats. Dona saw Tawny's eyes sparkle in relief. Her side ached from the scratch. "Out! This is not your territory! Your leader is dead! Flee!" Yowled Bramblestar, her leader. The rogues looked nervously at each other, then fled, bringing Shark's body with them. "Dona!" Wailed Tawny. She ran to Dona. "Never do that again!" Well, Shark is dead and I won! Why don't you understand? Thought Dona angrily. Jetstream padded up to her. Blood was spattered from the tip of his torn ear to the tip of his tail. "You saved us all, Dona." Murmured Jetstream. Brackensplash and Tawnyclaw ran up to her. "You killed him." Mewed Brackensplash in awe. "I didn't know you fight well!" Teased Tawnyclaw. Jetstream looked at Dona in a way he had never looked at her before. Suddenly, he rushed up to her and nuzzled his muzzle gently in her fur. Dona purred. Then Jetstream quickly moved back for Brackensplash glared at them. "Wise move." Growled Brackensplash. "I am your deputy." Snapped Jetstream. Brackensplash didn't retort, but Dona saw a flash of anger in his eyes as he stepped back. Jetstream looked around. "Lets go to Stormcloud's den, Bramblestar." He meowed. "Good idea, Jetstream." Agreed Bramblestar. "Lets go," He called. One by one, they limped to Stormcloud's den, heaving and leaning on each others sides. "Hey, Dona!" Called Brackensplash, "Do you mind talking to me?" Dona nodded. What does he want? wondered Dona. Brackensplash gingerly took a step forward to a bush. Dona followed. "Hey," Murmured Brackensplash. "Dona, just… are you friends with Jetstream?" "Why do you want to know that?" Snarled Dona. Something strange was happening here, as if Brackensplash didn't want her to be friends with Jetstream. "Jetstream has nothing to do with you, Brackensplash." Hissed Dona coldly. Brackensplash didn't answer, but he glared at her with fury and spite. Suddenly, a cry echoed from a distance near the lake. "Whats that?" Gasped Dona. Brackensplash's eyes widened. "Let's go, Dona!" yelled Brackensplash. When they were at the edge of the cool, clear lake, Dona saw a horrifying sight. A shadowclan cat!

Chapter 2.Edit

Tawny walked towards the camp slowly and gingerly. Her littermate had a harsh fight against 5 rogues. Ashwing heaved on her shoulder as they went to the mossy, sandy den. A cool, friendly voice like a bird answering the call of it's mate answered their incoming. "Ah, Tawny and Ashwing! Come come, make your way. I have half of the clan here already!" Meowed Stormcloud. "Well… er…just Brackensplash and Dona isn't here yet." Stormcloud's sleek, shiny dark gray fur ruffled Tawny's fur as she padded over to inspect Ashwing. "I wonder why Dona and Brackensplash isn't here." Muttered Tawny in Ashwing's ear. Ashwing glanced at Tawny with a look that pretty much said everything Tawny wouldn't need to know. A sudden wail echoed through the sandy den. "What that?" Gasped Ashwing. Tawny shrugged; she knew as much as Ashwing. "Oh dear, murmured Stormcloud. "Tawny, you didn't fight in the battle. Could you check the lake? The wailing sounded from a distance near it." Tawny nodded. "I'll be back," muttered Tawny to Ashwing. Dashing out of the medicine cat's den, she ran to the lake.

{C}{C Tawny slowed down as she stood on the edge of the lake. Suddenly, she saw two figures over on the edge of the lake not too far away. Dona and Brackensplash! She thought wildly. Before she could yell at them, a horrifying figure drifted from the lake water towards them. Horrified, she watched the cat wrenching herself out of the water and walk towards Dona and Brackensplash. Tawny crouched and started going towards them, as if they were prey scuffling around. The mysterious cat was very close to them now, mewling words Tawny couldn't hear. "Get out of….." mewed the voice from the distance. "I will…..take me……………." Suddenly the cat swished her head around and stared right at Tawny in horror. Tawny now saw who she was. It was a small gray she cat she recognized at the battle with ShadowClan, a small gray she cat with very hazy blue eyes. "Your in ThunderClan territory." Snarled Tawny. Ripplethorn cackled in cold amusement. "Territories doesn't matter now." She sneered. "I'll say! Where's your leader?" Whispered Ripplethorn. Tawny said nothing. "Tawny!" Cried Dona. "Shut up." hissed Tawny. "Shut up!" mimicked Ripplethorn in a sneering voice. "Tawny…" began Dona, her dark amber eyes widening. She ignored her. Ripplethorn advanced on Tawny, her claws unsheathed. "Thats against the warrior code!" Spat Tawny, but even so, she unsheathed her claws.

{C}{C "Whats going on?" a sharp familiar voice rang across the trees. Tawny forgot that this was a loner's territory, Feathercloud's territory. "Er… Tawny, Dona and Brackensplash? What are you doing here?" Asked Feathercloud. Neither of any of them said a word. Feathercloud finally noticed Ripplethorn, who started to crouch so neatly it was hard to see if she was there or not. "You!" Spat Feathercloud. "Your the shadowclan cat I've been seeing for days on my territory!" "Lets just take her to Bramblestar." Mumbled Brackensplash. "Thank you" Sneered Ripplethorn as she strolled on to follow Brackensplash who just started walking to the camp. Feathercloud did not follow.

Bramblestar stood at the edge of the camp. "Why are you so late, and why is there a shadowclan cat with you?" Snapped Bramblestar. He turned to Ripplethorn. Suddenly, Lionblaze and Jetstream padded over. "Why is there a Shadowclan cat with you?" Asked Lionblaze. Jetstream just nodded. "Ah, Jetstream." Mewed Ripplethorn. "I was hoping to meet you." Jetstream flashed his eyes angrily. "Lets kill her." Mewed Lionblaze. Ripplethorn bared her teeth."All I want to do is to talk to the Bramblestar." She snarled. "Me?" Asked Bramblestar. "Why?" Ripplethorn flash her eyes. "Alone, we shall talk, Bramblestar."

Bramblestar stiffly glared at Ripplethorn. "Alright." He growled. "In my den." Tawny gulped. She wasn't sure whether to trust her or not. After a bunch of thumps and grunts, only Ripplethorn came out. She had a satisfied look on her face. Suddenly, a wail came from Bramblestar's den. Tawny rushed to Bramblestar. She couldn't believe her eyes. Bramblestar was choking, he had foam on his mouth and was spitting out black remains of something. Nightshades! Thought Tawny. "STORMCLOUD! JETSTREAM! COME HERE! BRAMBLESTAR ATE NIGHTSHADE BERRIES!!!" Yowled Tawny. A crowd of cats were already over Ripplethorn, tearing her fur and snarling. "How dare you!" Snarled Lionfang, her father. Tigerstripe and his litter mates, Plumwillow and Nettlefur teared Ripplethorn's fur. "Not Bramblestar!" Yowled Snowdrift as she swiped her.

{C}{C Ripplethorn closed her eyes with an expressionless look on her face as Dawndapple and Brownleaf sank their teeth into Ripplethorn's fur. Stormcloud was coaxing Bramblestar to sit up. He looked dazed but healed. Jetstream nudged Bramblestar, murmuring words Tawny couldn't hear. Suddenly, the crowd of cats parted as Bramblestar stumbled towards Ripplethorn. She was covered in her own blood and had gashes and teeth marks all over her. Ripplethorn glared at Bramblestar with swollen eyes with blood dripping from one of them. "There is a traitor within your Clan!" She choked out. "Did you see a suspicious cat?" Snarled Bramblestar. "Yes, in the matter of fact! Jetstream what would you say?" Rasped Ripplethorn, looking straight at Jetstream.

{C}{C Jetstream did not meet her eyes. "I…." Muttered Jetstream. Dark murmurs rippled through the group of cats. Cloudfire spoke. "Isn't obvious Jetstream is the traitor?" Jetstream flashed his eyes at Cloudfire. "This reminds me of when Tigerstar was in Thunderclan." Muttered Sandstorm. "Jetstream can't be the traitor!" Tawny yowled. All eyes looked at her. "Go on," Mewed Bramblestar. "Ripplethorn might be lying. She might just be wanting to scare us about a lie and blame Jetstream. Also, there is no proof. We don't know if there is a traitor, nevertheless, the traitor as Jetstream." Meowed Tawny. More mutters. "She's right!" Squeaked Pricklepaw and Gingerpaw. "Lets throw out that piece of fox dung!" Snarled Driftwing. "She might hurt my kits."

{C}{C Suddenly, Jaggedstream flashed through the crowd to Ripplethorn. Slitting her throat, Ripplethorn was dead before she hit the ground. "She deserves it." Snarled Jaggedstream. Sindle and Firewing padded up to the body and sniffed it. "Better take it up to ShadowClan." Muttered Nettlesong. Springkit sprang up to her. "Who is that?" She squeaked. "Never you mind." Snapped Cloudwhisker. Springkit sniffed. "It smells yucky!" She shook her creamy fur. "Dawndapple, Dona, and Jetstream, could you return the body? Bring Brackensplash, Gingerpaw and Nettlepaw too." Mewed Bramblestar. As the patrol left, Tawny shivered at the thought of Rowanstar glaring at the patrol with Ripplethorn, threatening to kill…. "Tawny?" Ashwing interrupted her thoughts. "You look funny." Tawny shook her head.

{C}{C "It's time Nettlepaw is a warrior." She murmured. "What?" Bramblestar suddenly asked. "Nettlepaw proved his warrior skills over and over again." She explained. "May we have the warrior assessment for Nettlepaw?" Bramblestar nodded. "Tawny!" Squealed Nettlepaw. The patrol was back. Tawny gasped. Nettlepaw had a long gash across his flank, Brackensplash had his leg and shoulder bleeding harshly, Dona's eye was closed and matted with blood, and Jetstream's and Gingerpaw ears was torn and necks were sliced. Jetstream also had his belly dripping with blood. "Shadowclan patrol-" Gasped Jetstream, "-didn't believe us-" Rasped Nettlepaw, "-Didn't let us leave without a fight." Finished Dona. "Go to Stormcloud's den." Ordered Bramblestar. As the group of cats left, Tawny gulped. Now what will happen? She thought.

Chapter 3.Edit

Jetstream led the patrol to the Shadowclan border, bringing the body on his shoulders. Suddenly, a large body confronted him. "What are you doing in our territory?" Snarled Rowanstar. "We are bringing back the body of one of your clanmate." He mewed. Rowanstar narrowed his amber eyes. "You think I'll believe that?" He sneered. He flicked his tail towards the other shadowclan cats. They bared their teeth, flexing their muscles. Dawndapple growled with a hint of threat. "Now." Rowanstar instructed. The shadowclan cats leaped, hurtling down the patrol. Jetstream saw Nettlepaw battling three tough looking cats. As one of them tried to slit his throat, he slipped under the tom's belly and sliced it open. The tom howled trying to squash Nettlepaw rather vainly. The tabby sank his teeth into Nettlepaw's fur, shaking him like a dog. Jetstream jumped into the fight, he clawed the tabby's flank and slit the shoulder. The tabby's eyes widened and then fled. The third cat bared her teeth. She bristled and spat. Then Jetstream whipped around to rake a she-cat's shoulder, but she was quicker. Pinning down the struggling Jetstream, he saw this was Thistlewing, a cat he saw in the gathering. He hesitated for a moment. Too late! Thistlewing sliced his neck. Yowling angrily, he tried to squirm out vainly. Thistlewing laughed coldly and sank he claw onto his ear, and sliced it open. A searing pain flashed through him. Her claws now reached for his throat. "I will kill you tonight. " She whispered in his ear. Thistlewing traced how she would kill him, with a sinister gleam in her eyes. Soon she traced out slicing him from throat to tail. "A little practice." She whispered, and sliced it open. Pain. She sliced it again. More pain. The scratch was getting deeper and deeper, hurting more and more, due to her keep slicing it, until Jetstream thought he saw Starclan. "One more time." She whispered, and sliced it as deep and as long as she can. Jetstream screeched in pain. Suddenly, Thistlewing screeched and fell on Jetstream, dead. Through clouded eyes, he saw Nettlepaw with his teeth sunk in her neck. "Nettlepaw.." He croaked. "Help me." As Nettlepaw helped him up, he saw that Thistlewing was the only cat here, apart from Nettlepaw and Jetstream."What happened?" He rasped. "They fled. While I was running, I didn't see you so I ran back and saved you." Nettlepaw muttered. "Never mind with that. Why did you let that mange-pelt try to kill you?" He asked, looking horrified at all the blood Thistlewing spilled. "Nothing." He murmured. They went back. As Jetstream caught up with the rest of the patrol, Dawndapple scolded him. "Where were you? You weren't there while running back!" She snarled. "A shadowclan cat pinned me down and tried to kill me." He muttered, panting. "Tawny!" Cried Nettlepaw. They were back. "Shadowclan patrol-"Gasped Jetstream, "-didn't believe us-" Rasped Nettlepaw, "-didn't let us leave without a fight." Finished Dona. "Go to Stormcloud's den." Ordered Bramblestar. As Stormcloud and Silverpaw place lots of cobwebs on his belly, he relaxed. Jetstream thought of how brave Nettlepaw was, fighting the two advanced warriors. Then killing the bloodthirsty Thistlewing to save Jetstream. He's brave. Jetstream thought. He should become a warrior. He nudged Silverpaw. "Can you bring Bramblestar here for me?" Jetstream asked. When Bramblestar sat down next to Jetstream, he took a deep breath and spoke. "I think Nettlepaw should become a warrior. He saved my life tonight and he fought two warriors." Jetstream said. Bramblestar nodded. " I have been thinking about it." Bramblestar mewed. "So can he be a warrior?" Jetstream asked. Bramblestar nodded. Nettlepaw raised his head. "Me?" He asked. Bramblestar mewed, "Yes. Tawny and Dona will watch you in your warrior assessment." Nettlepaw eyes shined. When Nettlepaw was restored to health, Tawny and Dona led him to the forest. Jetstream hoped Nettlepaw will pass.

Nettlepaw anxiously waited for the assessment to start. Soon it started. "What do you smell, Nettlepaw?" Asked Tawny. Nettlepaw wrinkled his nose. "Something funny. Smells like theres a dead rabbit somewhere." He mewed. "And?" Prompted Dona. "Mice?" Nettlepaw mewed. "Stale or fresh?" Asked Dona. Nettlepaw flicked his tail. "Fresh." He mewed. "I..I see it!" Nettlepaw sniffed and started stalking the snuffling mouse.

{C}{C He crouched so low not even Dona could see him. Soon he caught the mouse and killed it. "Nice." Mewed Tawny. He buried it in the ground. They walked to the border. "How good are you marking the Windclan border?" Asked Dona. Nettlepaw leaped and rolled over and over on the Windclan border. Soon the territories were marked well. "Show us your battling skills." Mewed Tawny. "Pretend Dona is a Windclan warrior on you territory. What will you do?" Flicking her tail, Dona leaped at Nettlepaw. He dodged out of the way and pinned Dona down, claws sheathed. Dona tried to rake his belly but Nettlepaw leaped out of the way and raked her flank. Dona snarled and leaped once more to slash Nettlepaw, only to find air and falling to the ground. Nettlepaw saw his chance and pounced on Dona, lightly chomping on her neck, trying not to be hard enough to draw blood. Then he pinned her down with one paw and the other above her neck. "Good. you can stop there." Meowed Tawny. Nettlepaw released Dona and blinked at her. "If I was really a windclan warrior, I'd flee!" Dona commented. "Did I past the warrior assessment?" Asked Nettlepaw. "You will see." She mewed carelessly.

{C}{C At the camp, Bramblestar called for a clan meeting. "Let all the cats old enough to catch their own prey come here for a clan meeting!" He called. When the cats were there, Bramblestar mewed, "Nettlepaw, come here." Nettlepaw scampered up quickly. "How did Nettlepaw do, Tawny and Dona?" Asked Bramblestar. Dona nodded. "He caught a mouse perfectly." She meowed. Tawny stepped forward to speak. "Nettlepaw marked the borders perfectly and his battle skills can scare off many cats. I think he will become a great warrior." She mewed. Bramblestar nodded. "Nettlepaw, do you promise to keep the clan safe and will look after them before yourself?" Bramblestar meowed. "I do." Nettlepaw meowed. "Then by the powers of Starclan, your warrior name is Nettleflight." Called Bramblestar. He rested his muzzle on Nettleflight's shoulder. "Nettleflight! Nettleflight!" Nettleflight's name was called by his clanmates! "Now, Bubblekit has reached his sixth moon. It's time he becomes an apprentice." Bramblestar called. "Nettleflight, though you are a young warrior, you will mentor Bubblekit. By the powers of Starclan, Bubblekit is now Bubblepaw!" Nettleflight rested his muzzle onto Bubblepaw's head while Bubblepaw licked his shoulder. Nettleflight purred as Brownleaf padded towards him. "After this, could you come here?" She asked. "All right." Meowed Nettleflight. "But first could I sleep?" Brownleaf nodded. "Bubblepaw, we should start tomorrow." Nettleflight murmured to Bubblepaw. Bubblepaw's eyes shined. "I will sleep now." Nettleflight mewed.

{C}{C Nettleflight stumbled to the den and curled up tightly. There, he slept. At a soft meadow, Nettleflight stalked a snuffling white rabbit. As he jumped on it, he did not get the rabbit, but a strange white tom. "Greetings." Meowed the strange tom. "My name is Whiteface." "Hello, Whiteface." Mewed Nettleflight. "Yes. Now follow me…" Whiteface meowed. Nettleflight followed him to a dark forest. "What do you want to do?" Asked Whiteface. "I want to be the most loyal and best warrior in the clan." Answered Nettleflight. "We will help you. Brownleaf, Tigerstripe, Goldenstream and Dawndapple of thunderclan, Gingerfang, and Tigerfang of windclan, Zigzag and Pitpelt of Riverclan and Nibblesong, Flightface, Tigerheart and Shadewhisker of shadowclan are training here." Whiteface pointed to a group of cats. "Brownleaf?" Nettleflight exclaimed. Brownleaf was among the group! So was Dawndapple, Tigerstripe and Goldenstream!

{C}{C "Do you want to train here?" Asked Whiteface. Nettleflight nodded. "So you are an apprentice here. Shadewhisker, teach him moves." Ordered Whiteface. Nettleflight nodded. "Nettleflight!" Called Shadewhisker. Nettleflight ran up. "How can you fight?" Growled Shadewhisker and in a flash, he was pinning Nettleflight to the ground. Nettleflight went limp and closed his eyes. As Shadewhisker relaxed, Nettleflight sprang up and raked his shoulder. "What are you doing? Are you a coward? Claws unsheathed!" Barked Shadewhisker. Nettleflight unsheathed his claws and leaped over Shadewhisker as Shadewhisker tried to claw his belly in the air. Nettleflight twisted his body and fell to the ground, panting slightly. He went darting up to Shadewhisker with his claws extended and found nothing but air, where Shadewhisker sprang up from the shadows and sank his claws into Nettleflight's shoulder. Pain seared though him. Nettleflight snarled and kicked him. "Stop!" Cried a voice. "Everyone, stop training!" Nettleflight and Shadewhisker looked up. A white she cat with blue eyes was on top of a tall tree, looking down at them. "We have a new apprentice." Called the she cat. "Who is it, Petrelstar?" Asked a voice. Petrelstar looked down at Nettleflight. "Nettleflight, come here." She mewed sharply. Nettleflight nervously padded up to Icewing. "This is Nettleflight." She called. "Nettleflight, do you have an apprentice?" Nettleflight nodded. "His name is Bubblepaw." Mewed Nettleflight. Petrelstar nodded. "Good." She meowed. "The meeting is done. Back to training."

As Nettleflight walked away, he stumbled into a tortoiseshell cat. The she-cat glanced at him with amber eyes, suddenly she froze, and looked at Nettleflight from head to tail. "You are Thunderclan?" She asked. "Yes." Nettleflight mewed. "I was once part of thunderclan. Before I died, a kit was born. A light brown tom with black front paws." Meowed the tortoiseshell. "My name is Blossomclaw. Do you recognize me?" Nettleflight had a sudden vision of a tortoiseshell cat, with amber eyes. She looked almost dead, eyes gaunt and ribs showing. "Yes." He whispered. "Now lets train." Meowed Blossomclaw. "Today I will teach you and Goldenstream to do the shadow attack." Goldenstream ran up. "The shadow attack?" She asked excitedly. "You said we could do that last time!" Blossomclaw narrowed her eyes. "Follow me." She stalked a tree in the shadows, eyes squinted so that the enemy, or the tree couldn't see the glowing eyes. When the tree branches ruffled slightly, she pounced and clung to it, claws digging into the bark. "You sneak behind the opponent in the shadows. If they know your here but don't know where, keep your eyes squinted enough to not let the glow escape but enough to see. There when they make a threatening movement in your way, pounce and cling to them. That's the shadow attack." Mewed Blossomclaw.

{C}{C Goldenstream's eyes widened. "I'll do it to Nettleflight!" She squeaked. She ran to the shadows and tried to stalk him, although she kept crushing leafs. Nettleflight, half amused and annoyed, stepped sideways when Goldenstream pounced and found thin air. She fell to the ground, dazed. He stepped forward and pinned her to the ground, with one paw on her chest and the other over her head.

"Good, Nettleflight." Meowed Blossomclaw. "Now slash her." Should he really? Nettleflight thought for a moment, and then swung down his claws to Goldenstream's throat. Blood sprayed the ground as her eyes widened in horror. Goldenstream fell limp, but Nettleflight knew this trick. He clawed her again, more certain. "You can stop there." Mewed Blossomclaw.

{C}{C A paw prodded Nettleflight up, and he looked up to see Bubblepaw glaring at him. "My. Training. Starts. Today." He snarled. Nettleflight glanced at Goldenstream, who was still sleeping. Then he looked up to see the sun rising up in the sky. "First I'll wake Goldenstream up." Mewed Nettleflight. Nettleflight padded up to Goldenstream, and he prodded her with his nose. He drew it back in horror. Goldenstream was cold; so cold, and she had a large gash in her neck. "G-goldenstream?" He stammered. She did not reply. Nettleflight glanced around, and the padded away with Bubblepaw. "Did you know that the gathering is today?" Asked Nettleflight. Bubblepaw nodded. "First we will explore our territory. They walked to the lake. "WOW!" Gasped Bubblepaw. It was a magnificent sight; greenleaf made the clear blue waters reflect the trees and bring out beams of green into the bright sky. "This is the lake. Do you see that little island there?" Nettleflight pointed to the stubby island. "Gatherings take place there." Suddenly, a mouse tried to dart pass. It would have succeeded if it weren't for Nettleflight catching it with his claws and killing it with one slash.

{C}{C "Here," Meowed Nettleflight. He prodded it to Bubblepaw. "Taste it!" Bubblepaw took a huge bite off it's stomach and closed his eyes pleasantly. "Mmm!" He meowed. "Better 'an 'ilk!" Nettleflight purred. "Let's go to the forest beyond." He mewed. Bubblepaw followed Nettleflight to the woods. "We are near the border." Meowed Nettleflight. "Windclan border. The strong smell of rabbits are Wind-clan's."

Chapter 4Edit

A windclan tom softly padded up Bubblepaw. The tom glanced at Bubblepaw and snorted. "Such a kit!" He mewed. "You are training with me, are you, little one?" He prodded Bubblepaw's shoulder with his nose. The tom looked up at Nettleflight. "Right," He mewed. "I will see you there." As the cat left, Bubblepaw wondered who that was and what he was talking about. "Who is that?" He asked to Nettleflight. "Gingerfang." Meowed Nettleflight.

Tawny pounced on a chubby rabbit happily. She threw it on the huge pile of prey she and Dona caught. "Hey Dona!" Tawny called. Dona ran up with lots of prey in her mouth and on top of her head. "Prey!" Purred Dona. "Greenleaf is alive with plump prey." Tawny sniffed the fresh-kill. "One is getting a little rotten, though." She mewed thoughtfully.

{C}{C While Dona buried the rotten prey deep into the dirt, Tawny nudged the pile of prey towards the camp. "Tawny!" Exclaimed a voice. Tigerstripe padded up to her quickly. "Ill help you carrying the fresh kill." He mewed. "All right." Agreed Tawny. Soon after, the camps fresh kill pile was overflowing. Zenkit happily buried herself into the pile of prey.

{C}{C "You and Dona are good hunters." Murmured Tigerstripe while helping himself to a sparrow with Tawny. Tawny blushed. "It's nothing." Purred Tawny. Tigerstripe gazed at Tawny thoughtfully. "Your pretty." He mumbled, and then turned his head away from Tawny.

{C}{C "Tigerstripe?" Tawny tried to look at the orange tabby warrior's soft amber eyes. Before he could say anything, Nettleflight padded up to Tigerstripe and muttered something to him. "Er…Ill be going somewhere with Nettleflight, Tawny." Mumbled Tigerstripe, not meeting Tawny's eyes.

{C}{C As Tigerstripe hurried away, Tawny cocked her head to one side. What was it that was so secret? Tawny quickly padded after them without being seen. Soon, she crouched behind the bush, listening to what they were saying. "…I saw you at the forest." Meowed Nettleflight. Tigerstripe glanced at Nettleflight. "Isn't Shadewhisker teaching you the moves?" Asked Tigerstripe. Wasn't Shadewhisker a shadowclan cat? Tawny thought. Nettleflight made a impatient noise. "Yes, of course. The cats are good fighters." Replied Nettleflight. "I think I should make Bubblepaw join." Tigerstripe shook his head. "Whiteface will think about that, not you." He meowed. Who was Whiteface? Tawny wondered. Suddenly, Tigerstripe sniffed up in at the air and glanced at Tawny in horror. "So, are you going to the gathering?" Tigerstripe suddenly changed the subject.

Tawny backed away and darted through the bushes. She bumped into Bramblestar along the way and froze. "May I go to the gathering?" She asked breathlessly. Bramblestar looked mildly surprised. "Yes," He meowed. "But Goldenstream is dead!" Tawny's eyes widened. "I'll help." Bramblestar shook his head. "No. The elders will." He mewed. Goldenstream was buried and the tension disappeared.

{C}{C The full moon sparkled over the forests. Tigerstripe, Ashwing, Cloudfire, Plumwillow, Dawndapple, Tawny, Dona, Brownleaf, Nettleflight, Bubblepaw, Gingerpaw, Salmonpaw, Brittlepaw, Jetstream and Bramblestar balanced on the pathway to the gathering place. As Tawny settled down next to Tigerstripe, she couldn't help noticing that Tigerstripe and Pitpelt were nodding at each other, Dawndapple waving here tail with Shadewhisker, Brownleaf was exchanging glances with Nibblesong, and Nettleflight and Zigzag were twitching their ears at each other. Flightface of Shadowclan even padded up to Gingerfang and started a conversation.

{C}{C "Tigerstripe really likes you." A voice mewed. Tawny turned around to see Plumwillow purring at her. "Tigerstripe told me how he was feeling about you." She teased. Tawny turned around and snapped at her angrily. "The gathering is about to start!" She hissed. Bramblestar stood up.

"The gathering is starting!" He bellowed.

{C}{C "I will go first." Meowed Flamestar. "We have lots of fish, and we have new warriors. Burstflower, Sunbeam, and Nettleclaw." Riverclan started chanting the names. Tawny and Plumwillow started chanting too. "Riverclan is well." Tawny muttered to Plumwillow. Flamestar sat down.

{C}{C "I will go next!" Bellowed Rowanstar. "Preys begging to be eaten and we have a new warrior and apprentice. Zenpelt and Jetpaw." "Zenpelt! Jetpaw!" Chanted Shadowclan. Tawny narrowed her eyes. Rowanstar sat down.

{C}{C "Now me." Meowed Longstar. "We have a pack of rabbits running around the camp. My warriors caught all of them, we are blooming, for those pack of rabbits were plump and clumsy. Longstar sat down.

Bramblestar stood up. "We had a little problem with a pack of rogues, but my warriors drove them out. We have a new warrior and apprentice! Nettleflight and Bubblepaw. Prey is blooming, but there is a prophecy between the clans. Stormcloud told me." Murmurs came from the crowd of cats. "What?" Asked Flightface. "The prophecy is this: One will defeat the leader of darkness forever and will die for all that there is unless they bring the world to justice." Called Bramblestar. Bluefire, the medicine cat of Riverclan, raised her head up. Blue eyes contacted with amber, and she spoke. "I had a dream, and a starclan warrior told me the same prophecy." Bluefire spoke.

"Starclan!" Spat a hissing voice suddenly. "Starclan are kits! They are weaklings who like making up false prophecies!" Tawny turned around to see Gingerfang bristling at Bluefire. Gingerfang sprang at Bluefire and sliced her belly open. "Gingerfang!" Squealed a voice. Icepaw was glaring at the ginger warrior who was pinning the limp body in his paws. Gingerfang spat at the white apprentice and slunk into the shadows, away from the other cats. Clawpaw ran up to Icepaw and murmured comforting words to her. Icepaw sadly looked into the shadows.

Bramblestar and Flamestar glared at the shadows where Gingerfang was. Longstar narrowed his amber eyes. Rowanstar spat into the shadows. "Gingerfang," Growled Longstar. "why did you kill the medicine cat of Riverclan?" Gingerfang slunk out of the shadows and bared his teeth. "A starstruck cat never deserves to live." He snarled. Wirepaw padded up. "Gingerfang," Mumbled Wirepaw. "Bluefire was my mentor. She taught me so many things, but it wasn't the end of my training." Gingerfang glared at Wirepaw.

"I will help you!" Suddenly called a soft voice. "I am Stormcloud, medicine cat of Thunderclan. "I will teach the remaining of your apprentice time, Wirepaw." Stormcloud offered. Wirepaw's eyes shined. "Is that true?!" She squeaked excitedly. Stormcloud nodded. "The gathering is over!" Yowled Bramblestar. As the cats left, Wirepaw left dashing with Stormcloud to Thunderclan.

Chapter 5.Edit

{C}{C Bubblepaw followed Wirepaw and Stormcloud to the den. "Yes?" Politely asked Stormcloud as Bubblepaw sat down with Wirepaw. "I…just want to listen to you." Mumbled Bubblepaw. "Oh no," meowed Stormcloud, "just…why don't you go sleep? Its dark. Wirepaw is sleeping with me." She explained. Bubblepaw already got the message and left into the apprentices den. He closed his eyes and fell into a dream.

{C}{C A cat nudged him awake. "Is it time already?" He mumbled without opening his eyes. Bubblepaw opened his eyes and was shocked when he saw Shadewhisker glaring at him. "Training time." He growled. Bubblepaw sat up in the gloom and followed Shadewhisker to Nettleflight, who was licking his soaked red paw. It was Bubblepaw's fiftieth time being here.

Bubblepaw suddenly saw how darker Nettleflight looked, keeping his paws unsheathed at all times awake or asleep, and was bloodthirsty and battle hungry. There were a sinister gleam in Nettleflight's pale eyes.

{C}{C Nettleflight kept licking the blood of his paws, and only nodded when Bubblepaw muttered, "Hi." Bubblepaw flicked his tail, and narrowed his eyes. Something dark and dangerous tingled his spine unpleasantly, and he was sure this was not StarClan. It's so strange, Bubblepaw thought. This place isn't starclan and I feel like this is the opposite. He glanced at his dark mentor. Nettleflight wasn't like this when he started his mentoring. Claws suddenly stabbed Bubblepaw's shoulders and he fell to the ground, surprised.

{C}{C "Be ready at all times." Hissed Nettleflight menacingly into Bubblepaw's ear. Nettleflight sank a claw into Bubblepaw's ear and teared it apart. Bubblepaw gasped in pain and scrambled away, with Nettleflight and Shadewhisker laughing with mockery. "Coward!" Meowed a high pitch voice. Bubblepaw turned around to see Brownleaf and Tigerstripe leering at him.

{C}{C "Be braver," Tigerstripe hissed. "And don't be a kit!" Finished Brownleaf. Bubblepaw's eyes started to wet. "I see why your name is Bubblepaw," Sneered Shadewhisker. "It's because your eyes are always wet, like bubbles!" All four dark forest cats jeered over and over again to Bubblepaw, who was trapped into a sneering circle.

{C}{C Oh no, Bubblepaw thought as Dawndapple and two other cats joined the circle. He had no choice. He sprang onto Nettleflight and winced as he heard Nettleflight yowl of surprise. Bubblepaw slashed at Nettleflight's chest and chomped on his shoulder. Nettleflight collapsed. He then leaped on Dawndapple and dug his claws into her neck. Dawndapple shrieked and fell limp. Bubblepaw leaped again and began tearing at Brownleaf's fur and shredding Shadewhisker at the same time.

{C}{C A cat came darting towards Bubblepaw but he already woke up. Trying to gulp up fresh air, Bubblepaw opened his mouth and swallowed. Thinking fast, he leaped lightly over the sleeping apprentices. Bubblepaw padded over to Stormcloud's den, and he looked up into the sky. A beam of dawn shined over the camp. He hurried and ran into Wirepaw, who was holding burdock roots. "Wirepaw, Wirepaw, could you take me to Stormcloud?" Whispered Bubblepaw. Wirepaw cocked her head. "Stormcloud's in the den." She mewed. "Im going to Riverclan border." She added. Bubblepaw nodded and sprinted into the den.

"Stormcloud! There's traitors in the clan!" Shrieked Bubblepaw. Stormcloud, who was stalking the herbs into neat piles, raised her head. "Traitors?" She meowed sharply. "Who are these traitors in the clan?"

Bubblepaw gulped and started to say everything that was trying to burst out of his tongue. "Nettleflight-he's training in a dark forest-Dawndapple and Brownleaf! They taunted me-Tigerstripe~ he's so bloodthirsty!" Yowled Bubblepaw. Stormcloud eyes widened. "How did you find all of this out?" She snarled. "because…I trained in there and found out about it as I trained." Mumbled Bubblepaw. "We must tell Bramblestar." Hissed Stormcloud, and dashed into his den.

Bubblepaw stayed gasping in Stormcloud's den. His scratches and his torn ear suddenly started to burn with pain. He heard voices coming from outside the den. The dawn patrol. He thought. He padded out of the den and was shocked to see Nettleflight and Tigerstripe flexing their claws in front of the den.

{C}{C "We know." Snarled Nettleflight. Tigerstripe sank his claws into the trembling Bubblepaw's shoulder. Then he took his claws off when a made a long, thin, deep scratch was marked. It burned. As Nettleflight braced himself to a bite, a large cat stood behind him and slit his throat. Nettleflight fell on the ground with blood flowing freely out of the deep wound. Nettleflight kept twitching until his last breath left his body. Bramblestar stood over him with his amber eyes cold.

Tigerstripe flatten his ears and snarled at Bramblestar. "Traitor." Hissed Bramblestar. "Now get out of my sight. Dawndapple and Brownleaf fled, and we won't be seeing them for a while. You leave too." Tigerstripe narrowed his eyes. His eyes suddenly flashed icy sharp green, the exact color of Nettleflight's eyes. He seemed to get larger and browner. Suddenly, without moving his mouth, Tigerstripe-or whatever he was now, spoke. "I will return." Boomed a deep snarl out of Tigerstripe's body. Bubblepaw suddenly knew who spoke. "Nettleflight?" He exclaimed. Bramblestar was speechless.

Tigerstripe or Nettleflight narrowed the icy sharp green eyes. "You will be in my mercy, Bramblestar. I will return once more to your clan. I will seek vengeance." The amber eyes turned soft green again and his body shrunk and his fur brightened. Tigerstripe suddenly collapsed. "Tigerstripe!" Gasped Bramblestar. Tigerstripe did not answer.

"Bramblestar, I think Nettleflight is in him." Mumbled Bubblepaw. Bramblestar turn onto him, speechless. "I-just think because he looked just like Nettleflight when he changed." Stammered Bubblepaw. He nudged Tigerstripe and glanced at Bramblestar with clouded eyes. "I-I don't think Tigerstripe meant to do any harm, Bramblestar. It seems that Nettleflight was in his body. Don't….don't punish Tigerstripe." Bubblepaw added.

Chapter 6Edit

Nettleflight flexed his muscles and flicked his tail. He and Tigerstripe exchanged glances and nodded. Flexing their claws, they waited for Bubblepaw to come out of the den. After a while, Bubblepaw dashed out but suddenly stopped when he saw Nettleflight and Tigerstripe. "We know." Snarled Nettleflight. Tigerstripe sank his claws into the trembling Bubblepaw's shoulder. Then he took his claws off when a made a long, thin, deep scratch was marked. As Nettleflight braced himself to a bite, he saw a huge shadow and felt a burning sensation on his throat. He collapsed, feeling his own blood drowning and flowing freely into his mouth as the blood gushed out of his wound. The last thing he saw was a pair of eyes burning with hatred. The next thing he knew, he was groaning in the gloomy Dark Forest. He glanced at his wound. It was healed and replacing that was a thin scar. No pain, Nettleflight thought as the stretched and stood up. A pair of eyes glared in his direction. "Shadewhisker!" Nettleflight gasped. Shadewhisker stalked up. "Nettleflight, are you dead?" Shadewhisker gasped. Nettleflight nodded. "Rowanstar killed me for betraying his clan." Shadewhisker went on, "So I left to here, I don't belong to ShadowClan." Nettleflight nodded. "I don't belong to ThunderClan. Those mange-pelts killed me for being loyal to the Dark Forest. Brownleaf and Dawndapple ran away." He mewed. Shadewhisker snarled. "Don't worry! I'll get revenge." Nettleflight mewed.

Chapter 7Edit

"Have you heard?" Asked Dona to Tawny and Ashwing. "Nettleflight, Dawndapple, Brownleaf and Tigerstripe were traitors in the clan!" Tawny's eyes were flooding with disappointment. "What a shame," Tawny sadly mewed, "Nettleflight was my loyal apprentice and wasted all of his skills betraying his clan." Dona nodded. "Good thing Bubblepaw found out in the end!" She chuckled. "I wonder-" A wail screeched from Bramblestar's den. "Stormcloud! Stormcloud!" Screeched the voice of Bramblestar. Dona dashed up to Bramblestar. Stormcloud was in the forest, finding marigold! "Bramblestar," Dona murmured. Bramblestar was spattered with blood, and he did not move, his eyes were glazed and the flanks weren't moving. Dona saw a deep scratch that shredded his skin.

"Bramblestar's on his last life." A voice murmured behind Dona. Stormcloud sadly gazed at Bramblestar, her eyes betraying sadness. Bramblestar suddenly jerked awake. "Stormcloud," He choked out. "He came; Nettleflight. Attacked me." he whispered. Bramblestar groaned and tried to sit up. "I.." Bramblestar mumbled. "I can't be a leader anymore. I am too old and weak." Stormcloud's eyes clouded, her expression sad but understanding. "If that is your wish, Bramblestar." She croaked. "You may move to the elder's den."

"Let all the the..." Bramblestar was calling for a clan meeting. Cats came up to the Half-Rock, puzzled. "I decided that I will join the elder's den." Bramblestar croaked. Murmurs rippled in the clan, sounding confused and rather angry. "No!" Dewfoot stood up, looking furious. Bramblestar shook his head. "I am sorry, but I believe we need a younger, stronger leader to lead the clan well." He rasped, his voice shaky, but clear.

Jetstream padded up, looking tired himself. "I believe Bramblestar was the best leader." He meowed. "He was Firestar's loyal deputy, and was the bravest cat you would know. I wasn't even alive when he and Firestar lead the clans to fight the Dark Forest!" Jetstream looked around, his green eyes fierce. He went on. "Bramblestar trained me well, and sacrificed himself every time he lost a life. Don't you remember the time when he went in Ripplepaw's way when a snake tried to bite her? That was the bravest thing a cat could do! Bramblestar kept us strong, and he kept us proud. I think we should thank him." Jetstream's voice started to quiver. "And...I...I hope... to be a..a great Bramblestar." With that, Jetstream sat back down.

Bramblestar dipped his head. "Thank you, my loyal deputy." Bramblestar mewed. "But I am a long elder now. I have one life left, and I match a retched elder who can't hunt anymore." Sandstorm pricked his ears and snorted. "Lead us well, Jetstream." Bramblestar dipped his head once more and left. Dona trembled, thinking about the ambitious Jetstream. "I hope you lead us well, Jetstream." She murmured.

Chapter 8Edit

The gathering was near.