StormClan is a group of cats that live in a part of the forest that is primarily a marsh. The founding leader, Storm, got his name from from how he traveled many moons through blistering winds and scorching rain to find his mate, so by extension the name was thought to be given to the clan.

Description Edit

StormClan is a mainly peaceful Clan, and they're respectful of the other Clans as well. In battle, StormClan is brave, decisive, and loyal. They normally take in rogues into their Clan to swell their ranks. For this, they are at times looked down upon by other Clans and thought of as not strong enough. The Clan's main prey are frogs, marsh birds, crows, and the occasional squirrel, as well as birds such as starlings, magpies, wood pigeons, blackbirds, and thrushes. They have excellent hunting skills, snatching their prey and holding it in the puddles in their marshlands. StormClan cats are noted to be especially strong swimmers. They are the only Clan to bunch their hindquarters before leaping to catch their prey.

Clan Edit

Leader Edit

Lives: six left

  • Mousestar- Short haired grey Tom with sparkling blue eyes. Apprentice is Beetlepaw.


  • Tigertail- Golden she-cat with brown stripes and amber eyes.

Medicine catEdit

  • Ravenfoot-Black she-cat with long hair and yellow eyes. Apprentice is Icefur.


  • Shortwhiskers- brown tabby Tomwith green eyes. Apprentice is Frostpaw.
  • Snowpelt-Pure white she-cat with blue eyes. Apprentice is Rainpaw.
  • Goldenmane- muscular Tom with a long scar across his flank. Is orange and tan with emerald eyes.
  • Treebark- Brown Tom with orange-yellow eyes. Apprentice is Beetlepaw.
  • Sweetmoon-Beautiful silver tabby she-cat with large sweet blue eyes.
  • Blossomclaw-Tortoise shell She-cat with amber eyes.
  • Cloudwhisker-White Tom with amber eyes. Apprentice is Marshpaw.
  • Horsewhisker- Black Tom with a very hard kick and aqua eyes.
  • Cherrynight-red she-cat with blue eyes.
  • Grasswing- Grey Tom with amber eyes.
  • Featherheart - White she-cat with blue eyes. Roleplayed by Crys.
  • Applepeak-Orange she-cat with white stripes and yellow eyes.


  • Rainpaw- Blue gray tom
  • Marshpaw-Brown tom with white paws and a white tail tip. He has grey eyes.
  • Icefur-White she-cat with green eyes and a black nose. Roleplayed by Ravenstream.
  • Beetlepaw- Black tom with yellow eyes and bushy tail. 

Queens Edit

  • Maplefang-White and orange she-cat with a dappled pelt and blue eyes. Mother to Ivykit and Sunkit.
  • Sharpear- Orange, black and white spotted she-cat with blue eyes. Mother to Swallowkit, Sparrowkit, and Skykit.


  • Sunkit- golden brown Tom with a lion like mane. one moon till apprentice ceremony.
  • Ivykit- Dark brown tabby she-cat. one moon till apprentice ceremony.
  • Swallowkit- Gray Tom. 6 moons till ceremony.
  • Sparrowkit- Brown and cream tabby she-cat with blue eyes. 6 moons till ceremony.
  • Skykit- Blue Tom with white spots. 6 moons till ceremony.


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