Starshimmer's, destiny is being written right here.


Starkit looked up at the clear sky. Brightclan was looking down on her, watching. she was of stormclan, a clan that lived in a dense forest where storms were often. In her clan, if you were caught playing, you would be marked unwanted. at the end of each season, the unwanteds were killed. She looked down on her paws, Brightclan knew she had played that day. She looked back on what she did, sorrowful. She lifted her head up. I wasn't caught, wasn't i? she thought. Starkit smiled. She could still play, if she was careful. Brightclan wouldn't notice, would they?

Chapter 1Edit

Starkit batted the mossball beyond Smokekit's reach.

"Ha! Anoher point for me!" Starkit said. Her brother, Smokekit, smiled.

"I let you win on purpose!!" Smokekit said with a grin.

"Oh, really?" Starkit said teasingly. They were playing in front of the nurseury. it was nighttime, and they were tring to be quiet. A muffled yawn escaped from the large mouth of a doorway. Dustkit stumbled out, sleep in his eyes. Starkit froze.I-i'm caught??? she thought. 

"Starkit." Dustkit said. "I have no chance but to report you."

"But you-your'e by brother!" Starkit whimpered. "How-how could you?" she asked.

"Shake it off." Said smokekit. As Dustkit walked off, Smokekit said, "i've been reported already."

Starkit gasped.