When you leave a life behind, a life you wanted to escape so much, you don't feel relif. No. You feel... emptiness. Misery. It's like you feel... death. Everything you've ever known is gone. Your friends, your family... gone. Forever. I don't know why I feel this way. I wanted to escape. I had to escape. So why do I fell like I've made the wrong choice? Like I've made the things worse? it was only my fault? But it wasn't! It was theirs. Who are they? Their names are Leafpool and Squirrelflight. Squirrelflight pretended to be my and my brothers' mother. And Leafpool... Leafpool is our real mother. She was a medicine cat that broke the warrior code and medicine cat code by falling in love with a WindClan warrior, my father, Crowfeather. And then she lied about it! To us, to ThunderClan, to all the Clans! And we never would've found out if... One night, a lightning striked a tree near our camp, and a moment later the whole camp was on fire. Me and my brothers were trapped. Squirrelflight tried to help us, and then... and then he showed up. Ashfur. He was in love with Squirrelflight before we were born, but she didn't love him. And he wanted to punish her by killing us. And then she said the truth. We weren't her kits. He could kill us, but that wouldn't hurt her, she said. And , I know that, even tough she said the truth, there was a lie in her words. She loved us, but she was never our mother. And Ashfur planned to tell that everyone at the Gathering. I couldn't let him do that. So I gave him what he deserved. He deserved to die. So I killed him. And then my brother, Jayfeather, found out our real parents were Crowfeather and Leafpool. I couldn't believe it. A cat that I trusted, broke the warrior code and gave birth to me? How could she be so disloyal to the warrior code ? That meant I killed Ashfur for no reason! What was the point of learning the warrior code, I was just a mistake born against it? Those cats needed to pay. So I told them, all of them, the truth, at the next Gathering. Now, they will both suffer. And I ... I had to escape it all. So I run into the tunnels under our territory, to just... go away from all of it. I just couldn't cope with it. But the tunnel collapsed. I survived, however. But my Clan... they think I'm dead. And perhaps thats for the best. You ask who am I? I am Hollyleaf.