Leader: Ripplestar: Silvery blue she-cat with blue eyes

Deputy: Leaftail: Brown and white tom with a tufted tail and amber eyes

Medicine cat: Meadowshine: Small black she-cat with meadow green eyes


Twistfoot: Silver tom with a twisted/crooked paw and large green eyes

Willowscar: White she-cat with a long scar along her back and pale blue eyes

Mintmist: Black and silver she-cat with pale green eyes

Jaggedstream: Ragged black tom with amber eyes

Plumwillow: Black/blue she-cat with green eyes

Brackensplash: Muscular golden tom with bracken blue eyes and a silver coat

Tawnyclaw: Tawny colored she-cat with amber eyes; apprentice: Pricklepaw

Dawndapple: Creamy she cat with dawn blue eyes