This page shows a history of warriors cats from the view of this wiki. Some events do not follow in accordance to each other, such as Softstar's Path and The Dark Forest's Revenge. To not cause confusion, since these stories take place at the same time period, we numbered the corresponding events with a (1). The next time an event like this happens, we'll use a (2) and so forth. Enjoy!

Events Birthes Deathes
Events before The Rising

Red Fire, Birchheart, Songstar,

Bramblethorn, Moonleaf

The Rising Events Darkpaw None
The Dark Forest's Revenge events (1) Tawny, Dona, Ashkit, Pricklepaw, Gingerpaw, Bubblepaw, Nettleflight Shark, Ripplethorn, Goldenstream, Bluefire, Nettleflight, Bramblestar
Softstar's Path events (1)

Silverkit, Hawkit, and Tigerkit (Ivypool's) Lavenderwing, Honeypelt, Marigoldclaw (Softstar and Maplenose's) Eaglefang, Sunstreak, Redshine, Songshine (Fireleaf and Meadowclaw's), Robinpaw, Swiftpaw (Hollypelt's), Lightpaw, Skypaw, Clawpaw, Coldkit, Stripekit, Littlekit (Cherryfur's)

Squirrelflight, Bramblestar, Dovewing, Jayfeather, Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, Sandstorm, Maplenose, Brightheart