Dovewing is pale gray ThunderClan queen. Her mate is Bumblestripe, and she has two kits, Meadowclaw and Softstar


Dovewing wakes Softkit up by accidently rolling on top of her. She quickly apologizes and asks the kit if she's alright. Softkit, Meadowkit, and Firekit have a row, which ends with Firekit being sent away to do her warrior ceremony.

Later on, Softwing states that Dovewing and Bumblestripe ignore her.

Dovewing gives Softwing one of her 9 lives.

Giving Softstar 9 livesEdit

Drifting towards her was a familiar cat. “Mother!” she purred as Dovewing approached her daughter. The she-cat had died when she was hit by a twoleg monster.

“With this life, I give you sight. One idea will never cloud your head.” Dovewing touched noses with her daughter. A sudden headache shot through her head. She wanted to screech like all of LionClan as the pain gripped her. When the pain went away, her mother was already leaving