What the heck is this page for?Edit

So, maybe, possibly, if enough people could contribute to a clan, we could start up new roleplay centers. If you'd be intrested in doing this, you should type in your clan and the leader (your roleplay cat). Then, hopefully people will come and add to the clans, maybe making themselves deputy and medicine cat (so one). I have an example, so take a looky and contribute ideas. The clan we're making now should be equivalent to BloodClan. Good luck!

Clans and their equivalentsEdit

TreeClan- RiverClan

SnowClan- ThunderClan

BreezeClan- WindClan

StormClan- ShadowClan

AlleyClan- SkyClan


Leader: Shadowstar (roleplayed by someone)

Deputy: Ravenstream(roleplayed by whoever)

Medicine cat: Fallenjay (roleplayed by a pineapple)

So on, so forth, get the guist?


SootClan (led by Sootstar)

BerryClan (led by Raspberrystar, Ravenstream as deputy)

MoonClan (deputy is Sunsplash)

Ancients (Quarter Moon and Falling Dusk are residents. We really need a good original name, so please help us come up with something!)

TornadoClan- (Home to Heatherpelt, her mate, Lionroar, and her kits, Shadowpelt, Stonesong, and Snowfur

SunClan- (led by Brightstar)