Leader: Rosestar: pretty pale ginger she cat with blue eyes.

Deputy: Thunderstorm: grayish blue she cat with amber eyes. Apprentice,Stempaw

Medicine cat: Redcloud: elderly ginger she cat.

Warriors: Littlewing: small white she cat.

             Lightdapple: light gray tabby tom. Apprentice,Dustpaw

            Swiftpool: black and white tom.

            Raincloud: young gray tom.

           Mistpool: gray tom with green eyes.Apprentice, Otterpaw

          Hollowpelt: brown tabby tom.

          Foxwing: dark ginger she-cat.Apprentice, Cloverpaw

          Flowerstream: sand-colored tabby she-cat.

Featherpelt : young silver tabby tom

Queens: Moonsky: pretty gray blue tabby she cat. (mother of Brightkit,ginger-and-white she-cat,and Wishkit,silver-and-gray she-cat)  

            Nightwing:light gray tabby she-cat. (mother of Petalkit,tortoshell she-cat)                                     

Apprentices:Cloverpaw:white she-cat

                  Dustpaw:light brown tom with amber eyes

                  Dawnpaw:cream colored she-cat with white patches

                  Otterpaw: small brown tabby she-cat

                 Stempaw: gray tom

Elders: Yellowflower:golden she-cat

           Oneclaw:ginger tom without one claw



Leader: Icestar:big white tom

Deputy:Snowstream:pretty white tabby she cat

Medicine cat:Mistpelt:blue-gray and white tom

Warriors:Grayclaw:dark gray tabby tom. apprentice,Shinepaw   

               Mistydawn: swift light brown she-cat

              Nightmist: Blue she-cat with black muzzle

             Robinsong: dark-ginger-and-black tom

             Silverlark: silver tom with gray muzzle. apprentice,Pigeonpaw

              Nightfall: blue-and-black she-cat. apprentice,Mosspaw  

 Queens: Sweetfern:white she-cat with gray tail and paws

Elders: Raggedface:silver-and-brown tom with ragged face


Leader: Blossomstar: tortoishell she-cat

Deputy: Windheart: gray she cat

Medicine cat: Swiftheart:pure white she-cat with black tail tip

Warriors:Brightdawn: bright ginger she-cat, Apprentice, Bluepaw

Cloverleaf: dark gray tom

Snowfoot: big white tom with amber eyes, Apprentice, Stonepaw

Sunpelt: golden tabby tom

Frostshine:long-haired white she cat

Bluemist: blue-gray tom with white underbelly and paws

Greeneyes: silver tabby she-cat with intense green eyes                                                                        

Queens:Shimmerheart: silver she-cat with black stripes

Sweetstep: light brown she cat with white paws

Elders:Gloweye: gray tom with amber eyes


Leader: Shiningstar: pale golden tom

Deputy: Flameheart: ginger and white tom

Medicine cat: Hawklight. an old dark brown tabby tom

Warriors: Leafpelt: small tabby tom, Apprentice, Shimmerpaw

Brightpool: silver and white she cat

Mossflight: very dark gray she-cat, Volepaw

Minnowstep: silver tabby tom

Berryleap: small cream and whithe colored tom

Bramblefang: brown tom

Queen: Blossomheart: silver and white she cat

Mistyshade: dark gray and white she-cat

Elders:Crowflight: black tom

Dawnheart: very pale ginger she-cat

Lilystep: tortoishell she cat



'Four cats gathered around a shining pool. The blue-gray and white tom greeted an old, ginger she-cat. -Hello, Redcloud.'How are things in WaterClan?- - Not bad, Mistpelt. How's everything going on in FireClan?- replied Redcloud. -Fine, thank you for asking.- - Are we going to stay here all day and chat?-asked a black tom, annoyed. Mistpelt laughed -Cranky as usual, Hawklight. Perhaps its time you take an apprentice?- he asked. -Acctually, I do have someone in mind. Blossomheart's daughter, Berrykit, is more then intrested in being a medicine cat. I can barley get her out of my den.- he said, amused.Well, we'd better go while we still have some moonlight.- meowed a fourth cat, a pure white she-cat with a black tail tip.-Youre right, Swiftheart. We'd better go.-

As Redcloud woke up, she found herself in a beautifull place. StarClan. A bright ginger tabby with white underbelly was going towards her.Hello, Redcloud. she purred. -Marigoldleaf!- Redcloud exclaimed.-Yes, it's me. Now, we don't have time.I've got something important to tell you.- her green eyes suddenly became serious. She said in a omnimos voice:'There will be a cat, with eyes as bright as stars, who shall give birth to the one who will save the Clans. She shall suffer a lot, but in heart never, ever regret it.'' Redcloud narrowed her eyes -What do you mean? Wait!- But Marigoldleaf already faded.'

Chapter 1Edit

Come on, Brightkit! Brightkit opened her eyes. Her sister, Wishkit, was already up. Come on! Let play! squealed Wishkit. She was padding after her littermate when she heard her mother's voice.Where do you think you're going, little ones? Brightkit blinked. To explore the camp. Ok. but be careful. Just when her mother returned to nursery, Brightkit felt a very intense smell. No, smells. I wonder what are they. Brightkit tought. I'll go see something. Don't wait for me. Wishkit nodded. Brightkit saw the den from wich was the smell coming from. Inside she saw a ginger she cat and... herbs. There were so many that Brighkit couldn't believe her eyes. Carefuly she said : Hello? Can I come in? The she-cat lifted her muzzle. Oh, of course. But don't touch anything. You're Brightkit, Moonsky's daughter, right? I'm Redcloud. I'm WaterClan's medicine cat. she said. How do you know me? asked Brightkit. I was there when you were born. she replied. Then she asked:Would you help me to sort out these herbs? Just put the ones with same look and smell one on another. Brightkit nodded excited. When she and Redcloud finished sorting herbs, she asked: Can I visit you tommorow, too? Redcloud purred. Of course. It's good to have help with all these herbs and cats needing them. I- Redcloud broke of as she Rosestar called for a Clan meeting. Let all cats old enough gather bellow Silver Rock for a Clan meeting. What is this? Brightkit whispered to Wishkit I think Petalkit is becoming an apprentice- she broke of as Moonsky said Hush! Rosestar continued : Petalkit, you are now six moons old. Its time you become an apprentice. Hollowpelt she turned to the brown tom You're an experienced warrior. I know you will pass everything you know to Petalpaw. Hollowpelt padded to touch noses with Petalpaw. Her eyes gleamed. Everyone yowled :Petalpaw! Petalpaw! Brightkit saw her parents, Nightwing and Mistpool. They eyes shone with pride. I can't wait to be an apprentice. I wonder who'll my metor be! whispered Wishkit. But Brightkit already knew who her mentor'll be. She wanted it to be Redcloud. She wanted to become a medicine cat!

Chapter 2Edit

Redcloud, I-I-I wanted to ask you something. Brightkit's apprentice ceremony will be in a few days, and she should ask Redcloud to be her appreantice sooner or later.I-I... Redcloud, can I be your apprentice? Redcloud wasn't suprised by the question. Acctually, she looked relived. I hoped you'd ask that. I wanted to ask you first, but I didn't know if that's what you really wanted. she said. Of course that's what I want! More than anything else! Brightkit exclaimed.Redcloud purred. Than yes, you can be my apprentice.

This was it. She was becoming medicine cat apprentice. Wishkit was at first disappointed that they won't be training together. But she knew how important this was to her sister. Moonsky and Raincloud, her parents, were extremly happy for her. Wishkit Rosestar started the apprentice ceremony. from now until you earn your warrior name you will be known as Wishpaw. Your mentor will be Flowerstream. Flowerstream, you are a young, but a loyal warrior and I know you will be a great mentor to Wishpaw. Flowerstream and Wishpaw touched their noses. Finally there has come a cat which wanted to become Redcloud's apprentice. Brighpaw, you wanted to be a medicine cat. Your mentor will be Redcloud. I know she will do her best to teach you how to be a medicine cat. Brightpaw's eyes shone when she touched her noses with Redcloud. I'll be the best apprentice ever! she promised. Redcloud purred. The Clan was cheering Wishpaw! Brightpaw! But suddenly yowls broke into the clearing. Help! screeched Thunderstorm, Rosestar's daughter and deputy. An AirClan's patrol attacked us and Stempaw is badly hurt!

Chapter 3Edit

Redcloud! Brightpaw! Go help Stempaw and the others! I'll take a patrol and disscus this inncident with Shiningstar! Rosestar yowled. Swiftpool! Mistpool! Petalpaw! You're coming with me! Shiningstar better have a good explenation for this! Brightpaw! Come and help me! I'll take care of Stempaw! You check others' wounds. Come to me when you're done. called Redcloud.Thunderstorm, Foxwing, Otterpaw and Cloverpaw were sitting out of  the den, worried. He-he's not going to die, is he? Otterpaw fretted. Brightpaw remembred she was Stempaw's sister. Her mother, Littlewing, and her other siblings, Dawnpaw and Dustpaw were padding towards medicine cat den Is Stempaw okay? Dawnpaw asked, looking worried about her brother. Redcloud id doing her best replied Brightpaw, not knowig what to say. When she finished, she padded into the den. Foxwing and Otterpaw have only few bites and scratches. Cloverpaw's got one long scratch, but it's not deep. Brightpaw reported. Redcloud nodded.Good. Did you tell them to lick their wounds? Brightpaw nodded. Okay. Take some cobweb and marigold. I suppose you remember what to do? Brightpaw remembered. When she was still a kit, she helped Redcloud after the battle at the FireClan border. She knew what to do. After she finished, she came back to the den. You are done? Okay then. The others should rest. They'll be fine now. It's Stempaw I'm worried about. The wound on his belly is deep, and it'll take time before it heals. she sighed. He'll be off his apprentice duties for a moon or so. It'll be hard for him watching his littermates become warriors before him. They'll have their assesment soon Redcloud shook her head. You stay with him. It'll be easier for him to hear it from a friend. I'll go collect marigold. We'll near the end. Untill he wakes up, you can clean this mess. with these words, Redcloud got out of the den. A little a while later, Stempaw woke up. Brightkit? he said. It's Brightpaw now. I-I had my ceremony while you were... out. she stammered. Congratulatios. he murmured. So, when can I finally get out? He asked. Brightpaw took  a deep breath Look.. your wound is very deep and... it'll take a moon or so untill you recover. she waited for his reaction, but he only said:I tought so. he brightned up a little and said Do you think Otterpaw and Cloverpaw wil become warriors? They deserved it. They fought like warriors and barley got hurt! Brightpaw said: I hope so.The apprentice den is becoming too crowded.

Rosestar's patrol returned.So? What did rabbit-hearts say? snarled Lightdapple. You wouldn't believe it! Shiningstar said that his youngest warriors attacked our patrol because they tought we were stealing prey! He apolegized to us and wasn't very happy that he had to! Mistpool meowed, shaking his head. WaterClan! There is a ceremony we have to preform! Rosestar yowled. These two apprentices fought hardly and I think its time they become warriors. Otterpaw, Cloverpaw, do you promise to follow the warrior code and defend your Clan, even with your life? Both Cloverpaw and Otterpaw said I do. Than I give you your warrior names: Otterpaw, from now on you will be known as Otterflight! Cloverpaw, from now on you will be known as Cloverpetal! Rosestar meowed. Pride shone in Otterflight and Cloverpetal's eyes.

Chapter 4Edit

We passed! We passed our assesment! Dawnpaw yelled. Half a moon had passed. She and Dustpaw had their assesment this morning.Congratulatios! said Otterflight. Cloverpetal brushed against Dustpaw's pelt, purring. Stempaw purred, but more sadly. You'll start your training soon Brightpaw told him. They've become very close during his time in medicine cat den. I know. But it just feels bad, being left behind while your littermates are warriors already he said. Don't worry. Your time will be soon, I know that. Dawnpaw told him. Brightpaw sensed how happy she was. Hey, I hear you guys are becoming warriors! It'll be so boring witout you in the den. It'll be just me, Petalpaw and Brightpaw. Wishpaw padded towards them. Clan meeting! she heard Rosestar yell. Two of our apprentices are ready to become warriors. Dawnpaw, Dustpaw, do you promise to defend your Clan, even with your life? I do said Dawnpaw and Dustpaw. Than I give your warrior names : Dawnpaw, from now on you will be known as Dawnberry. Dustpaw, from now on you will be known as Dustflight! said Rosestar. Everyone cheered:Dawnberry! Dustflight! Rosestar, may I say something? it was Flowerstream.Of course, Flowerstream. I'm moving to the nursery. she said. The Clan burst out with happines. Are they Swiftpool's? asked Littlewing. Flowerstream nodded. 'Well, congratulations, youngster! Oneclaw padded out of elders' den and greeted Swiftpool. Swiftpool obviosly didn't know what to say. He just stood there, his eyes gleaming with pride and happines. 'Tha-thanks he stammered. But who will be my mentor? asked Wishpaw. Rosestar's whiskers twitched. 'Don't worry we haven't forgotten about you, Wishpaw. Since Flowerstream is moving to nursery, your mentor now will be Littlewing. There is also one other thing to say. 'Redcloud said Stempaw is ready to start his training again .Stempaw opened his mouth, clearly not knowing to say. Brightpaw padded towerds him and brushe her muzzle on his pelt.  But then, she felt something itching in her chest; was she jellous that she couldn't have kits?It doesen't matter. The whole Clan will be my kits.she told herself. But for some reason, the itching continued.

Chapter 5Edit

Now give it a good lick she told Petalpaw. The tortoishell apprentice stepped on thorn and Brightpaw just took it out.Thanks, Brightpaw! said Petalpaw, and padded toward her mentor, Hollowpelt. Brighpaw! Brightpaw! Brightpaw's heart stopped. It was Stempaw. Ever since he started his training again, Brightpaw would feel some feeling she couldn't recognize in her chest. What is it ? she asked, trying to keep her fur flat. Stempaw's eyes gleamed. Thunderstorm said I'll have my assesment any day now! I'm glad for you Brightpaw told him. Brightpaw! she heard Redcloud's call. She walked over to her, Yes, Redcloud? she asked. Yellowflower's pads are sore. What will you use to help her? Redcloud asked her. Brightpaw tought for a moment. I'll rub the dock leaves to ease the swallowing. I'll give her poppy seeds if there is any pain. Redcloud purred.That's right; now go get to it. Brightpaw took everything she needed and came into the elders' den. Yellowflower ? Redcloud told me your paws are sore;I've come to help you. It was about time. Yellowflower grunted.When you're already here, you can get rid of my ticks as well I'll do that as soon as I'm finished with your paws Brightpaw promised. When she finished, she heard Redcloud calling for her. Brightpaw! I need to talk to you! Yes? she asked. It's half-moon tonight; it's when medicine cats meet at the Moonpool, and tonight I will welcome you as my apprentice to StarClan. Redcloud meowed. Really? she asked, excited. Really. Redcloud purred.

Hello. I'm Berrypaw, who are you? a young white she-cat with gray patches asked her when she came to Moonpool. She looked friendly. She was sitting to a grumpy dark tabby tom. Probably her mentor. She smelled of moors. She and the tom were probebly from AirClan. Hi. I'm Brightpaw, Redcloud's apprentice. You are... from AirClan, right? she said. Berrypaw purred. That's right; that's my mentor, Hawklight. You're from WaterClan, of course, if Redcloud's you're mentor. Brightpaw nodded. Two more cats appeared. Redcloud, don't tell me you've finaly found yourself an apprentice! exclaimed the white she cat. She recognized the smell of EarthClan. I'm Swiftheart, the medicine cat of EarthClan. You are? I'm Brightpaw she replied. And I'm Mistpelt added a blue-gray tom. FireClan's medicine cat.  Are we going anytime soon ? Hawklight snapped.

Brightpaw woke up in a place full of prey and flowers. Is this StarClan? she wondered. Then she saw a pretty tortoishell she cat with white muzzle. Hello she purred. You have finally come she said. Who are you ? Brightpaw asked. My name is Willowheart. I was once, very long time ago, WaterClan's medicine cat. she told her. Her pelt was full with stars. Nice to meet you. Do you have a prophecy for me? Brightpaw asked. Willowheart shook her head. No. But I have a warning. I have to tell that, no matter what happenes, you must stay strong. But don't worry, I will always be here for you. said Willowheart. She started to fade. Wait!  What do you mean? Willowheart! Wait! Brightpaw yowled. But Willowheart was alredy gone.

Chapter 6Edit

Half a moon has passed since she got the warning from Willowheart. Brightpaw was worried. What did it mean? Brightpaw ! Come over here! she heard Redcloud's voice. She padded towards her. Tell me what are these herbs. Redcloud said. That's marigold, for infection. And those are the travelling herbs : sorrel, daisy and burnet. answered Brightpaw. That's right. Since you're such a good apprentice, would you like to go to the Gathering tonight ? Redcloud asked, amused. Brightpaw opened her mouth. I-I... of course! Thanks ! Brightpaw exclamed. She started to look for Wishpaw and Stempaw. She found them over by the fresh-kill pile. Wishpaw! Stempaw! You'll never guess what happened! I'm going to the Gathering! she exclaimed. So am I ! said Stempaw. Wishpaw looked at them sadly. I wish I could go with you too, but I can't. she said Don't worry ; it'll be your time soon. Stempaw told her sympatheticly.

Come on! It's time for the Gathering! Rosestar meowed. The cats who were going to the Gathering (Thunderstorm, Nightwing, Hollowpelt, Otterflight, Redcloud, Flowerstream, Stempaw and Brightpaw) folowed her. When they came to the Gathering place, Brightpaw couldn't believe her eyes. There are so many cats ! she whispered to Stempaw. He nodded. Those are the leaders he whispered. He pointed with his tail towards a golden tom. That's AirClan's leader , Shiningstar. The big white tom is Icestar, FireClan's leader. And the tortoishell is Blossomstar, EarthClan's leader. Who are the deputies? she asked. The gray she-cat is Windheart, EarthClan's deputy. The ginger and white tom is Flameheart of AirClan. And the pretty white she-cat is Snowstream, FireClan's deputy. he said. A brown tabby she cat padded towards them Hi, Stempaw. she said. Hi, Pigeonpaw. This is Brightpaw, our medicine cat apprentice. Brightpaw, this is Pigeonpaw of FireClan. Hi, Pigeonpaw. Nice to meet you. she said. Hello. This is your first Gathering she asked. Brightpaw nodded. Well- Pigeonpaw got cut by Redcloud'd mew: Brightpaw! Sorry. Gotta go. Brightpaw muttered.

So? How was at the Gathering? Wishpaw asked. It was great I met a FireClan apprentice, Pigeonpaw. She was very nice. And I saw Berrypaw again. She's AirClan's medicine cat apprentice. Brightpaw told her I- Will you two shut up? Some of us are trying to sleep. Petalpaw grunted. I'll tell you in the morning. Brightpaw promised.

Chapter 7Edit

Four moons had passed since that Gathering. Much things had changed. Flowerstream gave birth to Swiftpool's, kits: Shimmerkit, a brown tabby tom and Sorrelkit, a little she-kit who looked exactly like her mother. Stempaw became Stempelt and Pigeonpaw became Pigeonfeather. Her friend Berrypaw is now a full medicine cat, under the name of Berryleaf. Swiftheart got an apprentice, Specklepaw. Her sister, Wishpaw, is currentlly  having her assesment, along with Petalpaw, who had a broken leg and had to wait some time befor she could start her training again. Cloverpetal moved to the nursery, expecting Dustflight's kits. We passed! We passed! she heard Wishpaw's yowl. Congratulations, you two! Brightpaw said as she touched noses with her sister. Come on. Rosestar is going to start your ceremony soon.

Then I will give you your warrior names. Wishpaw, from now on you will be known as Wishheart. Petalpaw, from now on you will be known as Petalfrost. Rosestar said. Wishheart! Petalfrost! the Clan cheered. Now, since there is still a few moons to wait untill we get new apprentices. The younger warriors will take care of those duties untill Shimmerkit and Sorrelkit are old enough to be apprentices. Rosestar meowed. I knew it  Otterflight sighed. Brightpaw laughed. She took some borage for Cloverpetal and padded towards the nursery. Cloverpetal lifted her head. Is that for me? she asked. Brightpaw nodded. Yes, You'll need as much milk as you can hav for your kits. Redcloud said there's gonna be at least three of them. Cloverpetal laughed. Oh, how am I going to survive with so many kits? Brightpaw purred. Don't worry; you'll be fine . At that moment, something stabbed Brightpaw from inside. Am I sad that I can't have kits? wondered Brightpaw. With Stempelt? Brightpaw shook her head. You're a medicine cat. This is your destiny.

Chapter 8Edit

Brightpaw ? Have you seen Cloverpetal? I can't find her anywere. I'm worried about her. She's so close to having her kits. She shouldn't be out of the camp. Flowerstream meowed worriedly. Don't worry ; Dustflight's with her. Brightpaw reassured her, altough she was worried too. Cloverleaf's kitting will be any day now. She should be resting in the nursery. Everything will be fine. she told herself. But somehow, she wasn't convinced.

Redcloud ! Redcloud !  yowled Dustflight. He bumped into Brightpaw. Where is Redcloud? he demanded. She's out collecting herbs- Brightpaw broke of . She hoped it's not what she tought it was. It's not Cloverpetal, is it? she asked. She's on Waterfall rocks ; she started kitting. Please, come and help her. he pleaded. Wait. I have to take the right herbs. she said. She took them and called for Otterflight and Stempelt. Cloverpetal's on Waterfall rocks; she started kitting. I need two warriors with me. When they came to Waterfall rocks, Cloverpetal was there, yowling in agony.Quick ; chew this and sqeeze the juice into her mouth. Brightpaw instructed Otterflight. Now make her eat as much of this as she can. she said. Come on, Cloverpetal, you can do it; a little bit more 'till the first one is out she murmured. Cloverpetal screeched and a small wet bundle fell on the grass. Quick, Dustflight, lick her, so she can start breathing! Brightpaw meowed. As another kit slid out, she heard Dustflight yowl : She's breathing ! Good. Now you, Stempelt, do the same thing with this one. she said to Stempelt. She turned to Cloverpetal : Don't worry ; just another one and you're done. Cloverpetal screeched again, and the last kit slid onto the grass. She gave it to Otterflight, who licked it fircely. Brightpaw took cobweb and pressed it on Cloverpetal's belly. It's over. Finaly. she whispered.

They brought Cloverpetal and her kits back to the camp. Flowerstream paddedtowards Cloverpetal. Oh, I told you to stay in the camp! she said. What do I hear ? Cloverpetal started to kit on Waterfall rocks and when I wasn't in camp or? Redcloud came into the den and was obviosly furios. I tought I told you to stay in the camp! What if Brightpaw wasn't there? Both you and your kits would die!she hissed. Calm down. She's fine now she needs to rest. Brightpaw said. Redcloud sighed. I know. I know. she said .

Hello, Berryleaf. Where's Hawklight ? she greeted her friend.He moved to the elders' den. I'm AirClan's solo medicine cat now. Berryleaf explained. Two more shadows appeared. Hello, Swiftheart. Specklepaw. Brightpaw purred. Did you see Mistpelt and Mossfern ? Mossfern was a FireClan warrior who decided to become a medicine cat not long after she earned her warrior name.  Mistpelt introduced her to StarClan at the last visit to Moonpool.They're coming now. Specklepaw replied. Hello. Redcloud greeted them.Before we start, I have a ceremony to preform. Brightpaw helped a queen to kit today when she was out of the camp and I was out collecting herbs. Thanks to her, Cloverpetal and her kits are now all well and safe. I think it's time Brightpaw becomes a full meddicine cat. Brightpaw, do you promise to help your Clanmates no matter what? Redcloud meowed, her eyes shining. I do Brightpaw breathed. Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your medicine cat name. Brightpaw, from this moment on you will be known as Brighteye. Redcloud finished. The other medicine cats cheered: Brighteye! Brighteye!

Chapter 9Edit

Few moons had passed since she became a full medicine cat. Just in time, tough Wishheart told her. Redcloud is growing weaker every day. Brighteye was very worried about Redcloud. She was eating less then usual. She kept asking fo water, and then she wouldn't drink. At first Brighteye tought it was greencough, but Redcloud's breathing was clear, and she didn't have a fever. Catmint didn't help her at all. Brighteye was worried that she'll join StarClan soon. I'll bring Redcloud this watered moss. Wishheart promised. She carried the moss to Redcloud's den and let out a terrible wail. Brighteye! Redcloud... she... she's dying... Wishheart choked out the words. No! Brighteye yowled and ran towards medicine cat's den. Don't die she pleaded her mentor. Redcloud whimpered.'s...calling...for me....  Redcloud could barley mouth the words.'ll be... a mouthed. Her body shuddered, and then fell still. Redcloud... Brighteye whispered. Wishheart pressed against her. She hunts with StarClan now. she murmured.

Rosestar called a Clan meeting. I have grave news. Redcloud has joined StarClan. the whole Clan fell silent. She was my littermate. Yellowflower meowed sadly. She'd always encourage me, even tough I was a warrior and she was a medicine cat. She was always there when you needed her. I can't believe she's gone. Lightdapple said. She'll be watching us from StarClan now. his mate, Foxwing, murmured in his ear. Cloverpetal's kits , Mousekit, Spottedkit and Lilykit squeezed behind her. Is Redcloud really dead? Lilykit whimpered. Hush! said Cloverpetal. There is also a ceremony to preform.Sorrelkit and Shimmerkit are now six moons old. It's time they become apprentices. Wishheart she turned to her sister. Wishheart opened her mouth. You will mentor Sorrelpaw. Otterflight, you will mentor Shimmerpaw. the Clan started to cheer. Sorrelpaw! Shimmerpaw! Rosestar cleared her throat. Tonight the Clan will mourn over Redcloud. Brighteye! she heard a hiss behind her. It was Stempelt. Come with me. I have to tell you something, he led her to a bramble bush, away from the camp. He took a deep breath. I love you. he whispered. She looked him into eyes and said :I love you too, Stempelt. she realized that a long time ago, even before she became a full medicine cat. But we can never be together. I'm a medicine cat. she said. Every single word she said hurted her more than the worst wound a cat could get. We can keep it a secret. Stempelt whispered.

Chapter 10Edit

Brighteye! Brighteye! You'll never guess what's going on ! Wishheart meowed happily. Well, of course not, you stupid furball! Brighteye said, amused. Wishheart's eyes shone. I'm expecting Featherpelt's kits ! she exclaimed. Congratulatios! Brighteye purred. How many more to go? she asked. Two moons. Should I move to the nursery? she asked. If you want to, but that's not nececary. Brighteye shook her head. Have you told Featherpelt yet? Brighteye asked. No, I wanted you to be the first one to now. answered Wishheart. Brighteye purred. Well, go tell him then. she pointed towards him with her tail Wishheart padded towards him. Brighteye suddenly felt something in her belly. Probably bellyache. I'll eat some juniper. she told herself.

The next morning, she had the same feeling in her belly. What else could it be ? she wondered. Then she froze. She knew exactly what the feeling was. She saw enough expectant queens to realize what it is. Oh, StarClan, no! I'm a medicine cat! I can't have kits! she tought, horrorfied. She had to tell Stempelt. She found him catching fish near the training area. Stempelt! she hissed. I have to talk to you! It's an emergency! She and Stempelt padded towards a bush, where no one could hear them. I...I'm expecting kits. she whispered. Stempelt's eyes grew lage as moons. But... but you're a medicine cat! You can't have kits ! he exclaimed. I know. I know what I have to do. But we musn't meet anymore. If someone finds out the truth...her voice trailed of. I will kit near the end of our territory, where no cat will find me. I will wash of the scent of milk and kits from me, and bring them into the camp. I will tell the Clan I found them alone, near the border. They will assume some rouge must've left them. Wishheart will take care of them. she said. Stempelt sighed, and then nodded. But you must tell Wishheart the truth. She's your sister, she'll understand. he sighed again. I'll miss you, Brighteye. I'll always love you, and will be waiting for you in StarClan forever.

Chapter 11Edit

Wishheart. Brighteye whispered. Stempelt was right. Wishheart had moved to the nursery. Her kits weren't due for another moon, but Featherpelt insisted for her to be in the nursery. Wishheart lifted her head. Brighteye ? What's wrong? she asked. Come with me. Brighteye led Wishheart away from the camp, and then blutered out the truth I'm expecting Stempelt's kits. Wishheart looked stunned What ?! But you... you're a medicine cat! You can't have kits ? What are you going to tell the Clan ? What- Brighteye cut her off. I will pretend I found them near the border. Will you take care of them ? I cannot be their mother, no matter how much I wanted to. But you can. Please. I promise I will bring you as much borage as I can, but you have to take them and raise them as your own. Just tell them that I found them abandoned. I don't want them to hate you because you pretented to be their mother, and your not. Brighteye begged. Wishheart stood, silent. O course I'll take them. You're my sister. she said after a moment's silence.

Brighteye lay in a nest of moss. Her two kits were hudled next to her. One was a silver tabby she-cat, and the other one was a dark gray tom. She suckled them for the first and only time. She did not want her kits to travel to the camp so weak. After the kits finished eating, Brighteye ate parsley that she brought with her. She washed herself in the near stream, to wash out the scent of parsley and milk. Shaking herself of water, she took the she-kit andguided the tom with her tail. She could see everyone's horror when she brought the kits into the camp. Whose are they ? Foxwing demanded. I don't know. I found them by the stream, poor scraps. They're barley a day old. I couldn't leave them. Brighteye answered. Oh, those poor things. A rouge must've left them. Foxwing meowed sympathethicly. She picked up the tom and padded towards the nursery. Inside was Wishheart, suckling her own two daughters, Stripedkit and Starlightkit. She lifted her head. What ? Whose kits are those? she asked. Brighteye had to admitt she was a good liar. Brighteye found them by the stream. We figured a rouge must've left them. Foxwing explained. Will you suckle them? Brighteye asked, alredy knowing the answer. Wishheart's gaze became soft as she looked at the two kits. Of course. I have enough milk. she meowed. As Foxwing padded out of the dan, Wishheart asked : What do you want their names to be ? The she-kit is Fernkit Brighteye said. She looked at the tom. And the tom is Minnowkit.

Chapter 12Edit

Six moons had passed. Her kits will be apprentices any day now. Brighteye wished that Rosestar will choose the best mentors possible. Lilypaw padded into the den. She was always in the medicine cat den, even as a kit, and Brighteye wasn't surprised that she wanted to become a medicine cat apprentice.  It was about time she became a full medicine cat. Lilypaw she called for the small, light brown she-cat.Yes, Brighteye ? Lilypaw asked. You have been training for nine moons already. It is time you become a full medicine cat. I will give you your name next half-moon. she told Lilypaw. Her forest green eyes started to shine. Thank you !she exclaimed, and padded towards her littermates, Mouseflight and Spottedheart, newly made warriors. Brighteye ! she heard Shimmerwing's voice. He and his sister, Sorrelpelt, were made warriors two moons before Mouseflight and Spottedheart. I've a thorn in my paw he complained. Brighteye sighed. Alright, no need to panic. Its just a thorn.

Petalfrost, you are ready for your first apprentice. I know you will pass all you know to Fernpaw. Brighteye's daughter padded to touch noses with Petalfrost. Minnowkit. Starlightkit and Stripedkit stood close by, waiting untill Rosestar called for them. Nightwing, you are an expirienced warrior. Now that Shimmerwing has become a warrior, you've no apprentice. So I will give you Starlightpaw as a new one, because I know you will teach her all you know. Cloverpetal, you have mentored Spottedheart well, and I know you will do the same thing with Stripedpaw. Rosestar hesitated. Who will mentor Minnowkit? Brighteye wondered. Moonsky. You will mentor Minnowpaw. Brighteye felt a rush of pride. She couldn't wish for better mentors for her kits. If only I could be proud of them as  their mother. Brighteye tought sadly She looked at Stempelt. His eyes were shining. Brighteye padded towards her mother. Congratulations. she murmured.

Then I will give your full medicine cat name. Lilypaw, from this moment on you will be known as Lilyflower. StarClan honors your intellegence and loyalty. Lilyflower licked Brighteye's shoulder. Lilyflower! Lilyflower! everyone cheered. The loudest cheers were coming from Specklewhisker, who was now EarthClan's only medicine cat, since Swiftheart died from greencough, and Frostheart, Berryleaf's apprentice. Mossfern was also cheering, but a little sad, Brighteye noticed. She must be still mourning over Mistpelt's death, Brighteye realized. Mistpelt died last moon. He drowned while trying to save one of FireClan's kits from falling in a waterfall. Brighteye felt a rush of sympathy for the young  she-cat.

Chapter 13Edit

Brighteye ! Lilyflower ! Quick ! Brighteye hurried toward Nightwing. Her mew sounded so desaprate that she knew this would be nothing good. Its Thunderstorm. We were attacked by an EarthClan patrol. Thunderstorm was fighting Blueflower, and in one moment she just... fell. She's not dead yet, but badly hurt ; oh, please help her ! Nightwing pleaded. Lilyflower, you help the others, and I'll help Thunderstorm. Brighteye ordered. She draged her carefully in her den. She took a deep breath. Oh, StarClan, please help her.

Brighteye padded out of her den. Rosestar was waiting, and looked desaprate to found out will her daughter be okay. Well ? she asked. I think she'll survive. But I can't be sure. Her wounds are very deep. But... Brighteye's voice trailled of. Even if she survives... her front paw has a wound that can never heal properly. She- she'll have to move to the elders' den. There was a silence. So - either way, we'll need a new deputy. Rosestar said, her voice cracking. Brighteye nodded.

I have grave news. Thunderstorm will may survive, but if so, Brighteye says she'll have to move to the elders' den. So I will appoint a new deputy. I say these words before StarClan, so that they may hear and approve my choice. Rosestar's voice was shaking with grief. Wishheart will be the new deputy of WaterClan. Wishheart's mouth fell open. Wishheart ! Wishheart ! the Clan cheered. Brighteye, Starlightpaw, Stripedpaw, Minnowpaw, Fernpaw and Featherpelt cheered the loudest. You'll make a great deputy, I just know it. Featherpelt told his mate.


Chapter 14Edit

Lilyflower, would you stay here and take care Thunderstorm? I've to go to the Gathering. Brighteye meowed. Lilyflower nodded. Of course. she said. Thunderstorm shuddered. She was asleep. Will she survive? Lilyflower asked worriedly. I cannot be completly sure. These inner wounds are the biggest problem right now. Brighteye replied.

WaterClan has four new apprentices. Rosestar meowed. Brighteye was sitting next to Berryleaf. Minnowpaw, Fernpaw, Starlightpaw and Stripedpaw. And a new deputy, Brighteye noticed she glared at Blossomstar, but Blossomstar's eyes gave away nothing. Wishheart.Rosestar pointed with her tail at the silver-and-gray she-cat. Wishheart was sitting next to Foxwing. And in case you were wondering what happened to Thunderstorm, I will tell you. Did Blossomstar flinch at WaterClan's leader's words? Her patrol was attacked by another patrol of EarthClan. Do you have anything to say to that, Blossomstar? Rosestar meowed. When Blossomstar said nothing, she continued. My warriors weren't tresspasing or stealing prey; you've had no reason to attack them. Blossomstar glanced at her coldly. I've nothing to say. Brighteye noticed EarthClan cats were embaressed; they seemed to know what happened, but it looked as tough they didn't want anyone to find out what it was. Why'd they attack? Were they trying to avenge something? A cold feeling came into Brighteye's body. Or someone ? But who?

Chapter 15Edit

Brighteye woke up in a place she had seen so many times- StarClan. Do they have an omen for me? she wondered. A ginger shape appeared: and with a jolt Brighteye recognized it. Redcloud! Brighteye gasped. The former medicine cat never visited Brighteye in dreams, ever since she died. Brighteye tought it was because of her kits. I'm so sorry, Redcloud. I didn't want to have kits. It just... happened. she meowed to Redcloud. It's okay. she said sympatheticly. But that's not why I'm here. There's something you've got to see. Come. Redcloud led her into a place full of fighting cats. What's this? she whispered. These are Blossomstar's memories. Don't worry, they won't hurt you. she told Brighteye. Goldenmist! No! she heard a screech. She noticed a young tortoishell running towards a even younger golden she-cat. Don't leave me , she pleaded. Goldenmist tried to say something, but then she closed her mouth and her eyes turned dull. She was dead. Blossompelt, there's nothing we can do! she heard a golden tabby tom- Brighteye recognized Sunpelt, an EarthClan warrior- shout to Blossompelt. His eyes were clouded with grief. Our daughter is gone. Our daughter? No wonder Blossomstar was so desaprate to help her. Brighteye tought. Oh, my kit... she whispered. WaterClan will pay for this! she hissed. And suddenly Brighteye realised why Blossomstar's patrol attacked Thunderstorm. They wanted to avenge Goldenmist's death.

Chapter 16Edit

Brighteye! Quick1 Help! Brighteye woke up shaking. She was having nightmares of screaming cats wailing for help ever since she saw Blossomstar's memories. She never saw what happened, she just heard horrible cries. And then, when she would turn around, she would see a mottled tabby, who was barley walking, saying her last words: And then, Brighteye would always wake up. Who was that? I don't remember I've ever seen that cat before my dreams started? she wondered. Brighteye! I-I wanted to ask you someting. she heard Fernpaw's voice. What is it? she asked. Well, I've had dreams- dreams about a mottled tabby she-cat wailing for help- Brighteye's heartbeat quickened -and well, I wondered if you've had any? she asked nervously. I did, acctually. But I don't know much. I really don't understand. But I suposse you know some more? she added. Fernpaw didn't look as tough she was finished. She hesitated, then said carefully: At the Gathering, I heard some EarthClan and FireClan elders talking about a vision some cat named Mistpelt had right before he died. Do you know him? she asked. Brighteye nodded. He was FireClan's medicine cat before you were born. Fernpaw continued. Well, they said that before he drowned- a little before sunhigh- he screeched and a few moments later he said: Please! I'm sorry! Please stop haunting me! Wait for the prophecied cats! Please! No one knew what he was talking about. When he calmed down, he asked why was everyone staring at him. When they told him, he sounded confused. He said he didn't know what they were talking about. But one of the elders said that he sounded strange, like he was trying to hide something. I-I think that the cat he was talking about was the mottled tabby!