BreezeClan is a swift, brave clan. Their cats are prideful, fierce in battle, and strong. However, at times, they can be deceptive, but nevertheless, they are extremely loyal to their clanmates and will fight as fiercely as Tigerclan to keep their friends from harm.

Territory Edit


The majority of their territory is hilly and very windy. They have no twoleg structures on their land, and due to this fact, this clan has the least twoleg interaction, but also the least experience with dealing with twolegs. Their main sources of prey are rabbits that run on the plains, but they also hunt water voles that live in the few streams that they have on their territory, along with the odd mouse they find hiding in their plentiful grasses.


Leader: Windstar: Pale gray she-cat with glowing amber eyes and muscular hind paws; Stardust

Deputy: Shadowstreak: White tom with a dark black streak across his back and dark green eyes; Free for all - Mate: Pouncewhisker - Daughter: Brownpaw - Son: Tumblepaw

Medicine Cat: Moonclaw: Beautiful small silver she-cat with blue eyes; Crystal

Apprentice: Harepaw: White tom with blue eyes - deaf


Swiftstrike: Light brown tom with a darker brown splotch on his forehead - Daughter - Appleclaw - Mate: Breezeflight - One of the oldest warriors.

Apprentice: Brownpaw

Breezeflight: Beautiful brown she-cat with soft blue eyes - Daughter: Appleclaw - Mate: Swiftstrike - One of the oldest warriors

Pouncewhisker: Energetic ginger she-cat with glowing yellow eyes - Mate: Shawdowstreak - Son: Tumblepaw - Daughter: Brownpaw

Apprentice: Tumblepaw

Appleclaw: Soft brown she-cat with red/ginger patches and leaf green eyes; Crystal - Mother: Breezeflight - Father: Swiftstrike - One of the youngest warriors


Tumblepaw: White and black striped Tom

Harepaw: White tom with blue eyes - deaf

Brownpaw: Brown she-cat with amber eyes and ginger splotches

Frostpaw: beautiful silver she-cat with brown patches, Fastest runner in Breezeclan - Father: Grasspelt - Mother: Silverfish - Only surviving kit of her litter


Whiskertail: Gray tabby tom - oldest cat in Breezeclan and former medicine cat

Mintclaw: White she-cat with brown splotches

Redpelt: Dark ginger tom with amber eyes - Former deputy

Grasspelt: Small brown tom with green eyes, Fast runner - Mate: Silverfish - Mate: Silverfish - Just joined Elders

Silverfish: Silver she-cat with ice blue eyes, Excellent Swimmer - Mate: Grasspelt - Daughter: Frostpaw - Just joined Elders


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