Chapter 1: Blossomfall meets Thornclaw Edit


Should I tell him?

Should I tell the love of my life my secret?

No, I think not.

But... I have to!

Oh, this is going to be hard.

I have to tell beloved Thornclaw this...

I'm sorry, I am betraying my dreams,

and I am telling the secret.

I wish myself luck.

Blossomfall gulped, and padded to the muscular golden warrior. His tabby pelt rippled as he sensed Blossomfall coming towards him. Blossomfall shuddered, and thought about her secret. She had to, she had to tell Thornclaw. "Thornclaw..." Blossomfall murmured.

Thornclaw turned to stare at Blossomfall with his handsome amber eyes. "Yes?" He asked, twitching his ear. "Come with me, I have to tell you something." Blossomfall meowed, glancing over her shoulder nervously. Thornclaw shrugged, and padded outside the hollow with Blossomfall.

Blossomfall gulped, and stared at Thornclaw with her green eyes. "I... I have two things to tell you." Blossomfall whispered. Thornclaw cocked his head. "What?" He mewed. Blossomfall hesistated, then spoke. "The first thing I want to say, that I love you."

Chapter 2.Edit

Blossomfall hissed when Thornclaw flicked his tail. Oh, what am I going to say now? What if he turns me down when I tell him I train in the Dark Forest?! She yelled in her mind, panic rushing into her.