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Description Edit

This is AlleyClan, a clan were rogues and loners banded to make a smooth flowing clan. The warriors here get their names by adding on to their current names, like Shimmerheart or Nettleflower, formerly Shimmer and Nettle. They don't believe in StarClan, but they have their own rules to keep the clan from breaking. Due to these facts, they are sometimes viewed from the others clans as evil, or untrustworthy, and because of that, they live closer to the twoleg nests, and do not feel they must attend all gatherings. AlleyClan started around an alley by Lilystar, the founder. Their main food source is the many mice that they find in the twolegplace, along with the territory they've been given in the forest.

Words of the LeaderEdit

"I'm Lilystar, leader of AlleyClan. I used to be a kittypet, until my twolegs moved away and left me behind. I lived on pigeons and rats for a while, but they were very hard to catch and I was terribly lonely. Then, a group of strange cats came along, smelling of woods and a lot of other cats. They taught me how to hunt properly and how to defend myself. They suggested that I started a clan, so we looked for other cats that didn't claw our ears off at first sight, and told them about AlleyClan. Now we have a smoothly running clan. It's made of what used to be lonely street cats scrounging for food from the dumpster and kittypets, who leave at sunset. I am very happy with AlleyClan."  -Lilystar, leader of AlleyClan


DL: Day light warrior

FW: Full time warrior


  • Lilystar, a small cream colored tabby mate: Tigerstripe (FW)


  • Tigerstripe, a large white tom with dark stripes apprentice: Stripepaw (FW)

Medicine CatEdit

  • Dewflower, a white young shecat with light ginger patches FW

apprentice: Hazelpaw


  • Shimmerheart, a white, shimmery, fluffy shecat DL
  • Muddynose, a white tom with a brown nose, mate:Spottedleaf DL
  • Various potential recruits





spottedleaf, a delicate tortoiseshell mate: muddynose fw



whitekit, a black kit with white paws mother: lillystar

treekit, a brown tiny tom mother: lillystar

strawberrykit, a white kit mother: spottedleaf


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